Admission open 2021 – 22

Workshop on Mobile Technology – IOS

ICAT, Chennai organized a workshop for the UG and PG Diploma students of GMD, GDD & UI Design and Development departments on ‘MOBILE TECHNOLOGY – IOS’ to give a clear perspective of IOS development.

Mr. Saran, Founder of Imentor Innovation having 7 years of experience in this field, conducted the three-day workshop in our College campus.

On the First day of the workshop, the topics discussed were: basics of data types, UI kits, auto layout and navigation. On the Second day, he continued with the discussion further dwelling on UI kits, core graphics and animation, and showed a demo on how to build an IOS Application. COCO 2D was discussed on the Third day followed by Persistent Store and a demo session on COCO 2D.

This workshop gave the students a wonderful opportunity to extend their skills and crown their applications with best works. The workshop not just educated students on IOS application, but helped them improve their application design and development skills.

Students Feedback

Vignesh Ramamanan - L5 , GDD - "The workshop was extremely useful, as the things we learned were new and helpful. Found the programming part intriguing and the IDE was amazing."

Anjana - L5, UID - "It was a good class. Got many ideas about designing."

Sai Prasanna - L5, GDD - "The session was very useful and we were introduced to the basics of IOS programming. Sir took his time to explain each and every basic thing, which was very helpful for all the beginners to understand the concepts without any confusion."