Admission open 2022 – 23

World Graphic Design Day Celebration by Department of Graphic Design

The Department of Visual Effects, ICAT-Chennai has organised a workshop on Digital Cinematography. Mr.Mustafa Kamal Basha, is a Pro-Cam Specialist from SONY. It was a great privilege for our students to interact with him. They had discussed different camera usages, camera & lenses, importance of lighting, and colour psychology.

Mr. Mustafa Kamal Basha took a hand-on session with Sony Venice, Sony SX6, A7SIII cameras. He performed live demonstration on many topics like:

  • Handling cameras and lighting in VFX studio.
  • Different camera settings in different light based on situations and various audience moods.
  • How ISO Works in low light.
  • How to handle hard light situations which is highlighted in our skin tones.
  • Proper lighting for green and blue screens in Vfx Shots.
  • Knowledge and importance of log and Raw.
  • Explaining about the difference between mirror and mirrorless cameras.
  • Overall the session was an eyeopener and a great inspiration to our students.