Admission open 2022 – 23

Workshop of Three-Dimensional Object Making with Clay Material @ ICAT, Bangalore

The workshop of three-dimensional object making with clay material was organized for the students by Abhijit Deb Nath - Art faculty from Interactive media on 19 th October, 2019 inside the college premises. The core objective of the workshop was to encourage students to ‘think material and form’, to stimulate creative ideas and to encourage them to rethink the meaning of character design. Students from Game department were called upon to take part in the event. A substantial number of students from game department came and took part in it.

The event began at 9:00 in the morning. In the beginning, students were instructed to bring required materials , also to collect clay tools and found materials from around the college building. After collecting materials they came back and the workshop finally begun at 09:30 am. A brief introduction on the making of sculptural objects with clay materials was given. They were also introduced to the art works of a few important artists who had explored the possibilities of using clay materials in art like, Ron mueck, Kaws, Takashi murakami, Auguste rodin etc.

The event went on till 5:00pm, students participation was spontaneous, they were enthusiastic about the workshop, therefore, they asked several questions, took advice from the instructors on the making of art objects and produced a considerable number of pieces of art works within the time. Faculty from other departments and the Principal of the college came and encouraged the participants. Finally the completed art objects made by the participating students were put on display at the parking area of the college and everyone was invited to see the display.