Admission open 2022 – 23

Winning Drishtikon 2021 @ ICAT, Chennai

In conjunction with the show, we conducted an inter-departmental photography competition with the theme "Abstract Around Us," in which we received 100+ photos from all departments and everyone conveyed their viewpoint on Abstract Expressionism using common objects as their subject. This competition served to broaden the inter-departmental level of Drishtikon 2021, and every student from every department participated in celebrating the Image Making Process. This year, we implemented a voting mechanism for the exhibited photos across multiple social media platforms, allowing our students to share their hard work and creativity with their friends and family while also spreading the passion of photography on this important occasion. This provided a chance for our students to grasp the audience's point of view, and the audience were able to vote for "The Most Beloved Photograph of The Year” award. Along with this, our photography department lecturers and our distinguished visitor selected the 2 best shots from the 60 photographs displayed by our students. The winners were named "Best Photographer of the Year - Jury" and "Best Photographer of the Year - Department." The selections were based purely on the students' innovative technical thinking and the intricacy of their creative story.


Game Title:  "Drishtikon 2021"

First Place: Anto Terik A - II Year, Visual Media Dept.

Second Place: Duanne Marian J - III Year, Photography Dept.

Third Place: Sharon Rose B - II Year, Graphic Design Dept.

Photographer of the Year - Jury

Most Beloved Photograph of the Year

Photographer of the Year - Department