Admission open 2022 – 23

Webinar on Preproduction & Animation @ICAT, Bangalore

The Webinar was taken by Santhosh Dora explaining how to survive in the industry, going through ups and downs. He fostered the students to face challenges across the platform and to work with pre production with the producers and directors, keeping in mind the aim of producing the best quality works. Mr. Dora guided the students how to be successful and grow in this industry, to create their own entertainment channels and manage them.

Mr. Dora made the students aware of the different stages of Production. Preproduction working with pre planning and brainstorming is the first stage, character design, storyboarding animatics scripting and screenplay. These are the stages that the directors come across before coming to production to reduce the cost of production.

Talking about Pipeline, he listed a number of studios which go through the process of pre-production. Animators will not be provided with story boarding. They understand the technical pitch from the supervisor or director above. Taking storyboard as a reference is good but not the copying method of poses from storyboard. Having a good practice of one process while switching to another studio and getting to adapt to that process. Give some time to think about the story and aesthetics of the shot. 

YouTube is an open market. One doesn't need to depend on jobs. If someone is good at storytelling, he can pull out the production with minimal investment. Even he can make a good income source. More than animation, it is storytelling there. Story characters and screenplay should be interrelated for good outcome. According to the story we have to design characters and screenplay. It is the sound and the story which carries 80% of the essence of the appeal. As an animator one should be capable of doing any sort of animation. He should have the ability to switch between the qualities and stay keen in doing the projects. One should focus on improving their skills. 

It is not really necessary for a 2D animator to be good in 3D animation or vice versa. It’s all about understanding animation. However 2D knowledge helps you in good posing, because 3D animation is all about good posing, timing and spacing.  

There are few instances where there is a fast workflow, with less details and has a target to finish in a certain time period. All your goals should be to meet their requirements. 

Over performing and not providing the work in the given time frame will give a negative impact as the company fails in client delivery. Director will plan workflows depending on the budget of the film.

So, the session ended up in a very inspiring note where the students acquired all the information related to the topic.