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Founders Day Celebration by Department of UI Design & Development

The Department of UI Design & Development of ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai, celebrated Founders Day on Feb 27th 2020.

On this day, our students have organized and presented the department show-case in the title "TOUCH 2020". The programme exhibited all the outstanding works of ICAT students including both Apps and Arts. Apart from their Portfolio works, ICAT students have also arranged for various tech-stalls like Brand designing, Posters making, Digital Logo creation, and many more. They have also set up interesting and innovative fun events and games like Logical thinking, Fake One out, Guess IT, Quick (Lo)Go, balloon pyramind etc.

The invitees were requested to write a post-it note, which boosted our students' efforts. Various spectators, from other departments have participated, experienced and appreciated our students with positive feedback notes.

The day was not only fun-filled but also informative.