Admission open 2022 – 23

Student Review

"I am Monika, I’m a first year student of UG Animation department. I loved doing art from a very young age and it has been one of my hobbies until I joined here at ICAT. I have always wanted to make art as my main stream education and wanted to explore more in this subject and choosing this college was a really good start for it.The art of making animation and the thought of sharing a part of my creative-self, made me feel so excited. Also that I can make new acquaintances with similar interests made me so happy. Even though we can’t have offline classes for now, I’m really looking forward to it in the near future to have the full experience. I also want to meet all my faculties and thank them for all the support they have given us till now even through these trying times."

Monika, Animation

"I have grown so much in my time at ICAT Design and Media College, and the staff were so helpful throughout. The college has contributed so much for the students during the crisis of COVID-19 and the staff helped us with the studies through online classes. The college has inspired me to think differently. I am beyond blessed to have the college experience that I had and I'd like to thank you for everything. A teacher is a guide for the future of the students and they showed me the path of success and walked with me along the way. The staff motivated and inspired me to do my best and the classes were always clear as a sunny day. This is a quick note to thank all the staff who helped me for the studies for the past 2 years. Thank you so much!!."

Bhuvaneshvaran, Game Programming

"I’m very glad to study at ICAT Design and Media College, and the staff are so helpful and friendly. The other staff and the co-students are also friendly. The college environment is also good. The college helped me a lot in improving myself in the way of thinking and being interactive with others.The staff in this college are so helpful and friendly. Even in this COVID-19 pandemic period the staff were so dedicated in teaching us through online classes. They spent their time with us to understand the class and clarify the doubts. So I’m very happy to have teachers like this. Thank you !!"

Jovin Lourdhu Navis B, Game Programming

"There is so much about having a good teacher who can teach anything and make the students understands it very clearly, ICAT Design and Media college does this really really well .The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals .The skills that I have gained through ICAT so far helps me build my career the way I wanted .My overall experience with ICAT Design and Media college is very positive."

Prasath Dillibabu, Game Programming

"My experience with ICAT Design and Media College has been an insightful journey. The faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape and mold every student. Learning is always a shared experience between the student as well as the teachers. The faculty gave us ample time to grow, explore and experiment by ourselves and improve with our own efforts as well. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities."

Dravid KP, Game Programming

"I am P Balaji, from the Game Programming Department, ICAT-Chennai. I choose ICAT Design and Media College, because it is the best college in the Gaming Department. The Teachers are really friendly and very supportive. The Classes are really interactive and practical. Some of my Favourite Staffs are Ranjeet sir, Anto Pravin sir, Kalathmika mam, Dhamodharan sir, Jeyaram sir, Sathish sir. They helped and trained me on creating my game projects, throughout these 3 years of studying. From 1st year to 3rd year, I gained knowledge about multiple Game Engines, and started to make quality games on my own. I have worked in many group projects and Game Jam with my classmates. I am currently working on my Final year Project, which is a Fantasy genre game. I am building this game using Unreal Engine. My Staff Ranjeet sir is my mentor in this Project. My Overall Experience in ICAT College was fun-filled as well as an Educative."

P Balaji, Game Programming

"ICAT which is the first digital and multimedia College having many opportunities for the young designers in the field created an excitement for me to join in this academic venture with this college. Seeing the experiences and the alumnus from the college and also that to showcase our ideas and artistic talents this is the best option. The faculties of the department knowledgeable and experienced created the interest and eagerness to learn it even though it’s my first time in digital designing within a month got the rhythm and experience to handle the graphic design and illustration. Thanks to ICAT"

Amal Mukundan,, Advertising

"I have chosen the ICAT Design & Media Collage because it provides the lot of exposure to the students and will help them to build a better future. This also provides a wider opportunity to the students in it to give their best as part of the curriculum. ICAT has supported me in many ways to gain good knowledge and build interest in different fields. It also showed me different paths to gain my career in a good way."

R Srinivasa Sampan Perisepalli, Advertising

"I am studying Game Programming Course at ICAT Design & Media College. This college has a lot of good teachers to guide to achieve your goals and the teachers are so friendly. The skills I learnt till now from ICAT Design & Media College helps me to build what I want to be in my career. My overall experience with ICAT Design & Media College is positive."

Vijaya Roshan P R, Game Programming

"I took the Game Development course ICAT was offering back in 2009. Always wanted to create games, and it didn't matter to me much whether I became a coder or a designer. But ever since my second year I fell in love with game programming, thanks to the guidance of the game dev teachers. Started with XNA and C# back then, and still using C# to this day with Unity. Even though I specialised in programming, ICAT had topics to cover all the game fundamentals, including a bit of art. Enjoyed that as well. The best part of them all, where the game prototypes that I got to make while learning. Some were solo and some were with teammates. Had three good and memorable years in college."

Sankha Maitra,