Admission open 2022 – 23

Student Review

"The prestigious ICAT Design and Media college which helped me pursue my dreams in becoming 3D Generalist, their support and their well equipped facilities helped me find my passion in being a 3D & 2D Artist. The animation faculties were always there to support me in my endeavours and to follow my passion for which I will be always grateful.The talented seniors and the dedicated faculty made sure I selected the absolute Best Degree in the Best College"

KuttuShaji, Media Technology

"Myself AGNISH SHERIN SAMSON from 1st year Animation department of ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai. I decided to join this college because it provides more of a research and experimental based education. In this college it's more practical learning than theory. The faculties here are very friendly and helpful. I would like to specially thank my department faculties (LALITH SIR, MANOJ SIR, MUGILAN SIR, THULASIRAMAN SIR AND BABU SIR) for being very patient with us and helping and guiding us with the projects and studies. They have always corrected our mistakes and told us what is wrong and what is right. They have taught us the importance of our career and how self-learning has an impact on it . So far it has been a great journey in this college and really happy for joining this college and looking forward to more. "

Agnish Sherin Samson, Animation

"My name is Akshara and I’m a first year Animation Department of ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai. Coming from a science background, I have always wished to do something in the creative field, and I became increasingly interested in animation and its scope and opportunities. I enjoy art and telling stories, and here is a course that entailed both and took it to new heights. However, there were no end to animation courses popping up everywhere. So why ICAT? The main reason I wanted to go to ICAT, because I was interested in the course details and, more importantly, their approach to the course that they had detailed on their website. Further interactions with the college staff during the process of admission made me more convinced that this was where I wanted my next step to be. This is because at ICAT, the traditional way of studying by memorising facts and answers to set questions and spewing them out on an exam paper, is not practised. Instead, education and evaluation is more dependent on conceptual understanding of theories, projects based on that understanding, and a lot of self-learning and exploration of the creative world. The main objective of the teachers so far in the course, is to set down practical and logical guidelines with which we can adequately approach any and every creative project. This is especially shown in the Reflective Visual Journals (RVJs) that every student is expected to maintain, as solid proof of the process and progress of their creative thinking. I personally really admire the emphasis on the logic behind creativity, which I feel is something the general public ignore when they think of the creative field. This, to me, is where ICAT is doing it right. The classes are further proof to this as they rely on discussion and interaction. Every class has been challenging and really, really interesting. So far, due to the unfortunate circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, my experiences with ICAT have been purely online. However, despite the situation, I have a lot of respect for the faculty and staff of the college as they have been continuously and immensely helpful to every student. They are friendly (but strict when they need to be), accessible and always encouraging us to keep exploring and experimenting with the concepts they teach us. I am eagerly looking forward to both offline classes as well as the next couple of years at ICAT and what they have in store for me. "

Akshara, Animation

"I am J.Yogesh, I am a first year of the animation department of ICAT Design and Media college chennai, I've always been interested in 3D and was fascinated by it,so when I decided to try it myself a year ago I totally fell in love with it ,but I still lacking knowledge in many aspects of 3D so I decided to study it properly ,and I chose to study animation and to be honest I am really happy about my decision of joining ICAT, everything from the process of joining to the class so far has been great, the teachers are all amazing at bringing out the best in every student, the classes are easy to follow and we are left with doubts as our teachers clear our doubts every single time and help us move forward. It’s been a great experience so far and I've learnt a lot more than what I expected, thanks to the teaching methods and assignments we are tasked with, I am looking forward to learning a lot more and improving my skills with ICAT in the upcoming years, thank you."

J YOGESH, Animation

"Our faculties have been extremely supportive during the pandemic period. We have resumed our portfolio work. Our faculties are supportive regarding our course completion."

Varsha, FDS

"In my journey of college life best thing is my faculties of ICAT, they were very supportive and interplay relationship, In ICAT more practical work is rolled that is the best way of understanding."

Shalini, FDS

"This writing is to express my sincere gratitude in providing a really good both academic and friendly experience so far I have acquired from your side. You at least made me believe that I could do something that I believed I never could, yes stitching a skirt for the first time although the output wasn’t that good I could make sure that more attempts will definitely help me to do better. Thanks for all the good lessons you taught both directly and indirectly."

S Shuana, FDS

"The classes are going well so far and I'm very satisfied with all the facilities teaching. Faculties teach us with patience and also they are all very friendly. The classes are going well so far and I'm very satisfied with all the facilities teaching. Faculties teach us with patience and also they are all very friendly."

Krishna Priya, FDS

"The faculties are very friendly and also they help us and teach us on how to survive in the industry. They're all very helpful and they taught us so many things"

Ashwin Venkat, FDS

"Faculties are super friendly and help us in all our needs for the career they mould us professionally too."

Shreeya, FDS