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ICAT Students Wins Several Positions in Photocross Contest

Photocross is a prestigious contest for amateur photographers, conducted by the Russian-British Institute of Management, Russia. The objective of this contest is to identify talents, who can reflect a certain topic, show original ideas and creative vision of the object, use various photographic and post-processing techniques and apply artistic approach within a given timeframe.

The IV International Photocross contest started on 14 May, 2014, on which 10 topics were sent to all the participating teams through e-mail. The participating teams were required to submit one picture on each topic on 15 May, 2014. From 16 to 21 May, 2014, an international jury from Russia, UK and India assessed the students’ works and rated the best teams.

29 teams from 8 countries, including India, Australia, USA, China, Kazakhstan, Great Britain and Russia participated in the IV International Photocross contest. Of the 29 teams, 15 teams were from ICAT – 6 teams from ICAT, Chennai and 9 teams from ICAT, Bangalore. Of the 15 teams, 6 teams secured various positions in the contest, which is as listed below.

Place Student Name Team Name Team Leader Campus
Amol N Patil
SK Dhananjay
Shashidhar HM
Beyond 360 Amol N Patil Bangalore
  Student Name Team Name Team Leader Campus
Badal Pithadiya
Ishika Baghchi
BB Badal Pithadiya Bangalore
  Student Name Team Name Team Leader Campus
6th & 7th Topic Winner
Shruthi Narayanan
Clizz Shruthi Narayanan Chennai
  Student Name Team Name Team Leader Campus
10th Topic Winner
Arjun Babu
Kishore Rajendran
Photo Walkers Kishore Rajendran Chennai

The works of the winning teams will be published at the RBIM Website, in the institute newspaper “Orange”, and they will also be exhibited in the Exposition hall in the institute campus. Here are some of the works of ICAT students that won the awards.

2nd Place
Team Name: Beyond 360
Team Members: Amol Ninganagoud Patil, S.Krishna Dhananjay, Shashidhar H Mahesh
Campus: Bangalore
3rd Place
Team Name: BB
Team Members: Badal Pithadiya, Ishika Baghchi
Campus: Bangalore
Title: People do not have time to learn new things
Team Name: Clizz
Team Members: Shruthi Narayanan, Dinagaran, Rijuta
Campus: Chennai
Title: When you’ve finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready.
Team Name: Clizz
Team Members: Shruthi Narayanan, Dinagaran, Rijuta
Campus: Chennai
Title: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye
Team Name: Photowalkers
Team Members: Arjun Babu, Manikandan, Kishore Rajendran
Campus: Chennai

You can also get more details on the IV International Photocross contest at

All the winners will be receiving photography-related monthly magazine and online learning articles as prize for showing their best talents in the contest.

Congrats to all the Winners and All the Best for Future Endeavours!