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ICAT students team won International Photocross Award 2013

Yet another consecutive victory by ourICAT Bangalore student's in the International Photo cross awards 2013. But this time it was a complete victory on achieving the 1st place in the overall rating. Added up to the ranking list ICAT Chennai students were awarded 1st place under topic "Space near us".

International Photo cross awards is a contest for amateur photographers which will be restricted by a certain timeframe and the range of topics. Student teams from all over the world can take part in this competition.April 25th 2013 Russian-British Institute of Management announced the winners of III International photocross (Speed of flash!) 36 teams from 8 countries: China, India, USA, UK, Austria, Macedonia, Ukraine and Russia for 2 days have taken more than 300 pictures on topics related to student life and beyond.

The International photocross students joined Russian-British Institute of Management (Russia), GlyndwrUniversity(UK), ICAT Design & Media College (India), The University of Texas at Austin (USA), KarazinKharkiv National University, (Ukraine), Universitt Wien (Vienna, Austria), Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, (Skopje, Macedonia).

Winners Team Bangalore (III International Photocross)

Beyond 360 (Amol.N.Patil, Shashidhar H, SK Dhananjay)

Winners Team Chennai (Title: Space near us)

RAW Talents (VarunAdithiyan.R, ArjunBabu, Varun Kumar A)

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