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Post Graduate Professional ProgramAnimation

Feed your passion for animation with creative thinking, artistic talents, techniques, and technology to develop world-class animations.

Course Information

  • Specification
  • Graduation
    PG Professional Program
  • Course Duration
    1 year (Full Time)
  • Qualification
    Graduates of any stream
  • Locations
    Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad

Course Overview

Join the Specialist Program in Animation

The PG Professional Program in Animation at ICAT is a 1-year, full-time program that is a gateway to highly appreciable careers in movies, television, advertisements, game industry, and much more.

The program provides intense practice in every required technique right from the basics, including idea generation, storytelling, visual communication, asset creation, cinematography, and in creating animation works for different mediums. Overall, the students are imparted with specialist skills that make them ready to take up varied challenging roles of their passion.

Why Animation Design?

Join the Large and Ever Growing Industry

The Animation industry is no longer on the sidelines of Indian entertainment. It is today a full-fledged industry contributing to the economy with numerous projects — both in-house original content and pouring outsourced works. The Government of many states in India has turned towards bringing up this industry through numerous initiatives, including setting up separate associations to work on the industry’s progress and allowances for related organizations. Also, today we have numerous Indian studios partnering with leading production units across the globe.

With all this in place and with a huge demand for animation content in movies, television shows, advertisements, education, skill training, architecture, and lot more, the animation industry undoubtedly needs thousands of skilled professionals.

Get on to grab the promising opportunities!

Student’s Works


The Learning Curve

The linear fashion of learning animations starts from the basics of design, hand drawing, visualization, conceptualization, and exploring different materials to create a particular design. The students get to explore different techniques of idea generation, and create 2D and 3D drawings. They then learn to storyboard their ideas to streamline a video sequence, perform digital sculpting, design digital 2D/3D characters, and design set properties and costumes. They practice advanced CG modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation, and rendering. They also practice match-moving techniques and post-production tasks. The students also master the understanding of client–target–product relationship and how it reflects upon the creative process. Further, they extend their knowledge of media, methods, and product development through a critical approach towards developing a presentable product.

Skills to Build

Skills to Seek as an Animation Professional

  • Digital Art/Illustration
  • Anatomy
  • Acting Skillsv
  • Clay Modeling
  • Stop Motion
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Storyboarding
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Cinematography
  • Match-Moving
  • Animation Production

Teaching Methodology

Learning beyond the Walls

Providing specialist skills in building professional and highly appreciative animation works happens in the one year through varied effective teaching methodologies. The students are taken through classroom sessions; seminars, workshops, and other sessions from eminent industry professionals; outdoor learning sessions; showcasing events and more.

Research as a Mode of Knowledge Building

The practice of research and analysis is instilled in the students in every module of study. This way of learning through exploration assures long-term retention of knowledge in students

Knowledge Sharing with Peers

Group discussions trigger one’s ideas in the best way and it is also the way of knowledge sharing among students. The Animation students get to share their ideas and critiques with the peers on a regular basis.

Learn as You Do

Practice-based tasks are a part of every module that gives hands-on understanding of the techniques, mediums, methodologies, and technologies pertaining to creating animation works.

Understand the Industry in Real Time

The curriculum at ICAT insists students to take up an internship in any related organization to get a clear and early insight of the industry, and build confidence to take up a career.

Inspire from What’s Around

What our ancestors have created for us and what the nature amazes us with are the best to seek inspiration for a creator. The young creators are taken to distinguished spots to get their creator out.

Seek the Expertise from Professionals

Professionals holding a reputed position in the industry visit our students regularly to share their knowledge on techniques, technology, and the industry through seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions. Students are also taken to professional conferences, art galleries, and similar events for them to understand the wide possibilities, and the current and futuristic technologies.

Compete Your Skills

Students are encouraged to participate in every renowned competition, national and international, to help them understand their proficiency level, identify their area of expertise/improvement, and build contacts with like minds and professionals.

Assessment Technique

Be Assessed on Your Skills

At ICAT, the learning outcome of each module is assessed through periodical Formative Assessments, Assignments, Research Works, and through the originality, innovation and product of the final Project. Also, continuous monitoring of each student is done throughout the year through peer assessments and internal/external reviews.

Student Awards

At ICAT, we encourage students to participate in various national and international competitions, which help them to rise and shine as they pursue their creative skills and build their team spirit. Some of distinguished awards the Animation students have received for their well creative and outstanding works include:

  • Second Prize in the international competition conducted by DM Cumbo
  • Two works were selected by UNIBIC Cookies for their Social Media Animation Campaign
  • 12 ICATians secured various positions under ‘Top 100 Global Animators’ conducted by ‘The 11 Seconds Club’
  • First Prize in two categories in the ‘Autodesk Design for Social Impact’ competition
  • Runner-up in ‘Intellectual Property Game and Film Competition’ conducted by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India

Practical Learning Facilities

Learn by Doing – Right from the Basics

Realize the right way to put across your story on screen through the best-in-class facilities at ICAT.

Explore Your Drawing Skills

The exclusive live sketching rooms and highly skilled artists as faculties help students experiment their drawing skills that is important to seek a cutting edge as an animator.

Work on Your Physical Models

Comprehensive art studio to practice clay modeling and other techniques of modeling give the students a perfect hands-on the traditional techniques.

Try Out the First Stop-Motion & Digital Animation

Fully equipped labs with all necessary equipments, including rostrum, light boxes, industry-standard video cameras, lenses, video editing suites, animation software, digital design tools and more give the students an excellent environment to practice the techniques learned.

The Knowledge Repository

Right from history of art and design to techniques with latest technology, the students have access to all animation design information through 100s of books and magazines. This helps them research beyond the class lectures and gain immense knowledge of the industry and current trends.

Common to All Departments

In addition to the specific facilities for each department, the campuses of ICAT College are loaded with spacious classrooms, common library with essential readings, locker facilities for students, air-conditioned halls, personal tutoring space, common working zone, students’ lounge, and so on.

Career Opportunities

Get Placed as a...

With an exclusive Placement Cell that holds a record of 100% placement, till date, we assure best jobs for every student who have gathered their skills and are ready to take up challenges of the industry.

As a PG Professional Program Animation graduate, students can get opportunities in varied industries that need animated content, like animation studios, movies, television studios, game studios, architectural firms, advertising agencies, automotive companies, product design firms, e-learning firms and many more. The students of PG Professional Program in Animation can find a position as a:

  • Storyboard and Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Technical Director
  • Director
  • Script Writer
  • Art Director
  • Animator
  • Organic & Inorganic Modeler
  • Instructor
  • Setup Artist
  • Layout and Background Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director

Each student can opt for their field of expertise with confidence, as the curriculum at ICAT guides them to build a solid portfolio in their area of interest/specialization.

Why Choose ICAT to Study the Animation Course?

Only at ICAT

  • This practical program on Animation comes with 100% placement and world-class curriculum.
  • The highly equipped labs, frequent sessions from industry professionals, and showcase events give the best learning experience.
  • The focus the program gives towards futuristic technologies and the global knowledge that veterans in our knowledge brigade brings help students stand apart as best in the industry.
  • Above these, the opportunity to work on Dissertations, create Portfolio, and take up Internship with renowned companies gives the sheer confidence and a cutting edge as an Animation professional.

The academic experience with a world-class infrastructure and excellent faculty at ICAT has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. Regular classes held at our college to help us with our creative and technical skills were of great help. The year spent at ICAT has been full of learning opportunities that were fun and frolic, and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. The international exposure makes you a better man to face the challenges of the corporate world. Studying at the ICAT brought an added value to my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn a number of things. Faculties were from industries and they gave us right exposure to the industries. I got a chance to live in the global environment with students from different cultures and countries. I have now emerged as a new individual. Thanks to my College and Animation Staff.

Neeraj. R

Alumni Success

Saravanan. R Technicolor
Aneesh. K.R Calicut University
Arun Paul. X MPC
Gokul. C Freelancer
James Thomas. V GIGA
Janani Saranya. G Social Cocktail
Kamal. S Sparky
Manoj Raj. M ICAT
Naren. N.V PRANA
Naveen Kumar. N Sony Pictures
Nishanth Vincent Target
Persis Erach Jalgaonwala Prime Focus
Pradeep. S Freelancer
Priya. E Animedia
Rajasekaran. M.S Chuchu TV
Sreenu Kakanadan Romi Freelancer
Suryadevera Goutam AppLabs - A CSC Company
Vani Khatokar Technicolor
Ajmal Khan. S Technicolor
Arun Kumar. R Technicolor
Denish Niranjan. N Magic Flash Studio
Rahul Yadev Prime Focus Technologies
Satheesh. P MARK IV
Sathish. R Deputy RAO
Senthil Kumar. B Imageminds
Shaik Mohammed Shameer Freelancer
Srinivasan. M ICAT Bangalore
Sriram. N.S Suprabha Protective Products Private Limited
Vaibhav Pulekar Star India Pvt. Ltd.
Vengatraman. R Image Venture
Vincent Vicky Ideabox Academy
Elamaran. S Bally Technologies
Febin Joshy Helix Tech Solutionsv
Kasenthiran. S Technology Frontiers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Manikandan. R Futureworks
Rex Bosco. A Edufic Digital
Beermohammed. N Amazon
Devaraj. P Technicolor
Manoj. G BYJU'S
Mathivendan. M EFX Prasad Corporation Ltd.
Prabhakaran. P Amazon
Sathish Kumar. R Wipro Technologies
Selvin Kumar. F Stella Mary's College of Engineering
Pandhare Ambarish Subhash Gamenix
Balaji. T Studio56
Kushal Gupta Visor Studio Pvt. Ltd.
Murugan. M Xentrix Studio
Someswari Srihita Suresetty Rockstar Games
Prabhu Alexander. D NextWave Multimedia
Ranjusha. K.R Xentrix Studio
Sathish. K DQ Entertainment (International) Ltd.
Yvonne Wang Yan Lin Amazon
Ashwin Ashok. K.A Centaur Digital
Neeraj. R BuMo3DR
Rajavelu. S.K BuMo3DR
Rajavignesh. C.R.S Centaur Digital
Sangeetha. R Kavithalaya Productions
Solanki Shreya Amarsee Centaur Digital
Ashokraj. J CSC
Gokulnath. B Mayapuri
Mugundhan. K Symbiosis
Naveenkumar. P Mayapuri
Pulindala Raghuveer YM Movies
Shepherd Romario. S HMX Media
Sivabalan. R YM Movies
Sridharan. S VREON Tech
Suresh Kumar. R VREON Tech
Vinotha. S Symbiosis
Vishnuprakash. S Symbiosis
Zohair Hussain Khan. Z BUMO 3D

Knowledge Brigade

Learn from the Veterans’ Perspective

The curriculum and teaching strategies at ICAT is never an instant thought. They are all an outcome of research and brainstorming of ideas from renowned professionals in the field. The knowledge brigade that guides us through the curriculum delivery of PG Professional Program in Animation includes:

SHELLEY PAGE Head of International Outreach, DreamWorks
SHESHA PRASAD Vice President, Rhythm & Hues
PRAVEEN CHRISPUG Consultant for Stop Motion Animation, BCU, UK
B. KRANTHI KUMAR Head, 3D Stereoscopic Animation
SUDHIRTELI Senior Animator, Blue Grass Studios
ARUN SRIPADAM Award Winning Animator, C.MENT Animation Studio
C.G. SRIGUHA Sr. Professional in Advertising, Film & Television Production
DEEPAK NAIR Mayans Studio

Student Service

Get in Touch for All Your Needs

Each student is allocated a Personal Mentor to guide through the personal development process, and a Supervisor to support in project and dissertation.

A Students Service Desk is managed at each location with a Student Advisor providing advice to students on all any matters in need, personal or college related. The desk organizes club activities and acts as a point of contact for parents/Guardians.

Our Locations

Study at Any of Our 3 State-of-the-Art Campuses

The ICAT campuses are located at the Shores of Bay of Bengal (Chennai), Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore), and the City of Pearls (Hyderabad). The strategically located campuses expose the students to eminent landmarks/events of the metropolitan cities, which is very important for the Creators of Tomorrow to understand the trending world.


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