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News and Events

2014 Workshop on Creative Thinking, Designing and Prototyping
2014 Workshop on DirectX 11 Graphics programming
2014 Seminar on Communication Design
2014 Industrial Visit to Kanchivaram
2014 Industrial Visit to Kanchivaram
2014 World Film’s Day Celebrations
2014 Cocos2D-X Workshop - Chennai
2014 Fashion Photography / Advanced Studio Lighting Workshop - Chennai
2014 Writing and Designing for Web and Interactive Media
2014 Fashion Photography Workshop by Ms. Shamshad Khan - Bangalore
2014 Workshop On Pottery - Chennai
2014 Placement Orientation Program by VFX Producer, Asmita Madhu - Chennai
2014 Workshop on 'Idea Generation & Typography' by Mr.Rohit Banka - Chennai
2014 L4 Students Visit Film Production Studio On April 2nd, 2014 - Hyderabad
2014 Visit to EFL Television Studio on March 26th by students of ICAT - Hyderabad
2014 Placement Orientation Program for Game Students - Chennai
2014 Exploring the Creative Journey Workshop by Mr. Clive Hickinbottom from UK - Chennai
2014 Seminar on Game Programming at ICAT - Chennai
2014 'Cocos2D-X' - Mobile Gaming Workshop by Mr.Siddarth Shekar at ICAT - Bangalore
2014 Studio Lighting - Workshop by Mr. J.Prem Shankar at ICAT - Chennai
2014 Unity 3D workshop from Rocksalt Games followed by an Industrial Visit -Hyderabad
2014 A Perfect Work of Passion by an ICAT student Appears in Metro Plus
2014 Visual Effects Student Wins "Delhi CG Awards" for Best Infographics
2014 ICAT Students won Game Jam Titans 2014
2013 ICAT team won International Photocross Award