Admission open 2021 – 22

Cheers to our Winning Team "FunBox"

A moment of pride for the Indian Gaming Community! And of course for ICAT…

This is the First Ever Non-European Team to have won any award in this most prestigious competition. This award is just the beginning of India’s projected "Super Power Status in Gaming" by the year 2020. Our students’ achievement has already inspired lot of youngsters to take up Gaming as a Career and will continue to inspire in the years to come.

Cheers to our Winning Team "FunBox" – Mr. Kashyap Singh Pukhan, Mr. Govardhan Gosavi, Mr. Zico Mahillary & Mr.Arup Jyothi Das.

Salutations to the dedicated Academic Team and all the support staff to have created India’s First Winning Team and our Management who pioneered Gaming Courses in India.

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