Admission open 2022 – 23

ICAT Game Jam 2018

To drive students in the path of healthy competition with a platform to showcase their skills and talents by motivating them to work in teams- Game jam was formulated.

The Department of Interactive Media, Bangalore have organized a 48 hour game jam. ICAT Game Jam provoked students to think extrinsically creative, innovative and ingenious to develop fascinating games. Students were set to collaborate with designers, concept artist and developers inculcate unity and teamwork.

The theme for the competition was: “Prevention of animal extinction”. This topic seemed to uncommonly create an awareness among students. Students engaged themselves in divergent fields like character sketching, environment designing, level design and implementing through the preferred game engine.

Totally 58 students were set up into 17 teams and hustled into the competition. Students portrayed exuberant participation and involvement throughout the event.

Later the jury team expanded by the addition of Shashwat Mishra, Akhil Nivarti and Sandeep. The panel supervised the students and boosted them with a lot more energy to proceed further.