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ICAT Game Jam - 2017

Game Jam is a competition where teams compete to create the best game in a very short period of time (24 - 72 hours) — the only restriction being that the game should be based on the theme provided for the competition. The competition calls in for an unconventional method, compared to the traditional game development that may take months or even years.

The Game Art and Design department at ICAT held a Game Jam for our L5 (second year) students, in which they had to create a game based on the concept that required gameplay elements like Gravity, Torque and Time. This criterion was declared at the start of the competition at 6.00 p.m. on the 23rd of November, 2017, following which the individual teams of our (GDS) students from Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad worked on their games for 72 hours.

Because this was the students’ first Game Jam experience, we gave them a variety of topics based on basic physics. They prepared concepts and gameplay elements for all the topics under the guidance of our experienced GDS faculties from Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. The students got to experience this unique competition that is exclusive to the Game Developers community worldwide. This has been a cherished tradition in worldwide competitions like the Global Game Jam for all kinds of Game Developers right from big name AAA title developers, Indie developers, enthusiasts as well as students. While the competition held at ICAT was not at a global scale, it was held between 28 teams from all the three major campuses of ICAT.

After a month long preparation, learning and experimenting with different gameplay ideas, testing what works and what does not work or what implements the concepts given, students were finally ready to work on their games when game jam finally started. For 72 hours, the students were completely engrossed in the development process. This experience of working under pressure to create a good game in a short span of time, gave the students a peek into what it maybe like working in a team in their professional career. Every game jam is unique and everyone involved in our game jam had their own stories to tell. With teams crumbling under pressure, game mechanics not turning out to be what they conceptualized, a marriott of bugs, miscommunications and misunderstandings leading to problems in the game, all the students soldiered on till the final day and most teams submitted their games within the deadline.

Once all the games were submitted, they were reviewed by our expert panel and winners were selected for the first, second and third place.

The Winners

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Students’ Testimonials:

- Rudresh, L5 GAD student, ICAT Bengaluru - "Game Jam was a fun and new experience to learn more about game art and design. Competitions like this help me to know how good my talent is when compared to that of other students in the college."

- Jatin, L5 GAD student, ICAT Bengaluru - "The Game Jam gave me the means to focus my abilities and help me develop concentration."