Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"ICAT supported me a lot to get a job in an MNC company."

Kamsala Bhargav, Media Technology

"My college supported me to build my own career. It gave me the self confidence to achieve."

Vijay Vignesh, Media Technology

"ICAT is the college where one need to learn all about media and related software and many more. My faculty were the best. They usually teach all the things which are also not in the syllabus. You can get any information you want. They will never reject any of your questions."

Megha Shree BM, Media Technology

"The college has supported us in every way possible and it helped me choose my profession."

Koneru Rama Krishna, Media Technology

"Staffs stayed in touch throughout the years assisting us in each stage of career."

Sudharsan, Game Design

"ICAT set my career path to a wider range."

Elamaran, Animation

"ICAT supported me well in education, extra activities, and in getting a job."

Haripriya BK, Multimedia

"Had a good time studying at ICAT."

Bhavana, Media Technology

"ICAT provided a great starting point and base to build on."

Akshay Venkataramanan, Game Design

"ICAT has supported me in many ways to gain good knowledge and build interest in different fields. It also showed me different paths to gain my career in a good way."

Eshita Bhargava, Media Technology