Admission open 2021 – 22

Alumni Review

"ICAT has been a wonderful opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn professional skills and techniques in a systematic way."

Kalai Thamizh Iniyavan, Multimedia Technologies

"I got my passion in designing and programming from ICAT and now this is my bread and butter."

Mohammed Rubin Raza M, Animation

"ICAT helped me to get proper education and helped a lot at the time of placements."

Javed Alam, Multimedia

"ICAT provided us quality education in animation and visual effects."

Vincent Vicky, Animation

"The comprehensive syllabus that started from the very basics and moved to advanced programs, both in theory and practice, has made my creative processes very sophisticated."

Shaheer Rahiman, Visual Effects

"ICAT has helped me in learning all the technical aspects of animation than just being specialized in one (complete production pipeline). This has opened up lot of opportunities for me and helped me select the path with most opportunities. At times, I can even shift my path depending on the industry's ups and downs, as I also learnt other tools and techniques to nurture in this industry. I call myself a ‘Digital Media Professional’ than being called with some specialized term like Modeler, Rigger, Animator etc. Thanks to ICAT."

Siddam Bharat Kumar, Animation

"ICAT is excellent. It showed the path to my world of designing."

Sajan, Interior Design

"The college has supported me in terms of knowledge building.

We had the freedom to learn and explore in the field.""

Iyswarya Sridharan, Animation

"I was well prepared for the real world out of the college. I started my business after my college as I was well trained and ready to take on projects."

Abhilash Pulimamidi, Visual Effects

"Helped me choose the right profession."

Adarsh M, Media Technology