Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"Best college to learn more about Film industry. Best college to improve our skills, language, and our self confidence. Also, we can make new friends all over India. Keep them in touch, and help can come from anywhere."

Maneesh, Visual Effects

"ICAT helped me learn the basics that helped me gain proper footing in my professional field and develop accordingly. It also gave me a lot of exposure through conferences etc."

Adish, Game Development

"ICAT gave me a base and an introduction to the Game Development industry. It gave me a platform to understand a lot of things."

Pranav Trivedi, Game Development

"I would say, Multimedia being a vrooming car on its own race track, I have got mine too going along, by the opportunity given by the college with good standard of education."

Sujay K R, Multimedia

"ICAT supported to find my job."

Smruti Satpute, Visual Effects

"I am very proud of the work I am doing right now. It's just because of the support from ICAT. I have learned a lot of things at ICAT. Everything I learned there helps me now and it made me understand the industry. ICAT supported me so much in every perspective, not only career wise buy also in personality growth. Thank you so much."

Megh Agarwal, Animation

"ICAT has been helpful to me in moving towards my dreams. For every person, college is the place where we learn about life and also decide our career. It has been the same to me."

B. Kalyan, Media Technology

"ICAT helped me get my Degree."

Sheik Abdullah, Fashion Design

"ICAT education system is very versatile. Our courses were graded based on projects and this gave us a lot of exposure to coding scalable application. I believe it is very important that students start coding in depth as part of the curriculum, because practical experience goes well beyond theoretical education. ICAT has done a wonderful job by integrating that in the core of its system."

Lakshminarayanan Vijayaraghavan, Game Development

"Yeah, ICAT supported me when I was struggling to learn. Nice Staff."

Dhanasekar Ramasamy, Game Design