Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"ICAT helped me learn about the field and gave the basic foundation, which will always be of more help than learning specific software."

Adithya R Kashyap, Visual Effects

"ICAT provided me good system backup and good faculty. I learned a lot from them."

Sathish Kumar. B, Animation

"My faculties never said 'No' for whatever ideas I had in my mind for my projects. Mr. Rajeev, Mr. Murali and Ms. Navinder helped me learn a lot of things. No matter how wrong I was, they did teach me how to correct them."

Rhenius Benny David, Animation

"ICAT has supported me a lot to find my career."

Arjun, Visual Effects

"I learned a lot from ICAT. One of my mentor helped me a lot."

Prasanth, Animation

"ICAT provided me a good degree to get into the Gaming field."

Sooraj Prakash, Game Development

"ICAT helped to explore the Designer in me."

Rahul P, Multimedia Technologies

"Everyone has supported me a lot."

Prabhu Teja Sathineni, Media Technology

"ICAT College staff helped me out in improvising my skills."

ANJITHA NAIR, Interior Design

"ICAT supported me to get a job in an MNC."

Poopesh.P, Media Technology