Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"Great! Icat helped me in every possible way."

Ambarish Pandhre, Animation

"I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all faculty of ICAT who led me through and guided me to gain knowledge. At the time of projects, they didn't put pressure on us; instead they supported us on what we were capable of doing."

Roshni Mohan, Animation

"ICAT helped me to gain extraordinary skills and to work with multiple software."

Thilip Kumar, Visual Effects

"The college has helped me in my projects and guided me in choosing my career options."

Mayuri Saurkar, Multimedia

"The comprehensive programs at ICAT helped me lay a strong foundation in Art. This helped me communicate ideas when presented with real world scenarios. After working for a couple of great companies, I have co-founded a Design agency now."

Jithin Das P, Animation

"When I joined ICAT, I had a dream of becoming something in the field of VFX. ICAT made me fulfil my dream by showing me the right way to achieve my goals. I am so thankful to my teachers who were my support system."

Ruchi Rikta, Visual Effects

"Because of ICAT I got to start my career at MPC, the best VFX studio in India. I've worked on some of the biggest movies till date; two of which are nominated for Academy awards this year and Jungle Book, which won the Oscars for best VFX last year."

Asim Amitav Das, Visual Effects

"Well, I was a wanderer. ICAT helped me find a way. Apart from technical studies, it helped to find other students who share the same vision. It was really awesome and rewarding to have friends with who I could share knowledge."

Kashyap Singha Phukan, Game Development

"I love ICAT because of their supporting attitude and great teaching skills. ICAT is the best college I have ever seen. It was a great pleasure to have studied here."

Anas Shajahan, Visual Effects

"ICAT has developed our sense of seeing things in terms of design."

Shreyas V, Visual Effects