Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"Icat with its best helped me start my career in VFX."

Vincent Raj K, Visual Effects

"At ICAT, they taught me from basic principles of design to mastering the standard Multimedia tools. This has helped me a lot to get into the Digital Marketing industry and to survive there."

Sharath Kumar, Multimedia Technologies

"ICAT helped to learn the necessary skills to get placed in Amazon."

Ganesh G, Multimedia Technologies

"It has provided me a sandbox environment, safe to bounce off ideas and to work on feedback."

Krishna Prashant, Multimedia

"Things that I had learnt from ICAT are still nurturing me to achieve greater heights."

Pragadeesh S V, Multimedia Technologies

"The one thing that I am most grateful is getting to know the entire pipeline of a project irrespective of the mode of presentation, because that was what helped me while doing different individual projects with little complications."

Jaya Mytreya, Visual Effects

"The biggest support I had got was from faculties. After coming from a different background, I had no idea about design and other creative stuff. Faculties understood my problem and they spent personal time to ensure I could cope up with the industry."

Shrey Choraria, Multimedia

"Icat gave me the required knowledge in the design field."

Mahidhar Reddy, Visual Effects

"Gave basic understanding of the VIsual Effects industry, how it works and what are the fundamentals of it. Moreover, got a better understanding of 3D concepts under the guidance of Rahul and Uthkarsh Sirs."

Rohit Palankar, Visual Effects

"ICAT has taught me the necessary skills and techniques to be able to compete in the industry. Would suggest ICAT to people who aspire to do something unique and different in their lives."

Anand N, Game Development