Admission open 2021 – 22

Alumni Review

"ICAT provided me the essential training and support to get into the Animation industry."

Anish Hari, Animation

"ICAT helped to improve my knowledge and took me to the correct platform, where I want to lead my life."

Vignesh K S, Game Development

"ICAT helped me gain good confidence level while entering into the industry."

Vinay Kumar .P, Photography

"ICAT has supported me in lot of ways to improve my technical skills and communication skills, which make me who I am today. I'll be always in the learning curve, where my faculties are ready to help me at any point in the future, so that I can develop myself and make the world a better place."

Sabareesh.N, Photography

"I joined ICAT Game Development course. Being a Gamer makes me more curios about making games and learning about games. ICAT helped to achieve my goals. Even after my college, they are still supporting."

SK Jahir Abash, Game Development (Programming)

"ICAT was the place where I developed all my skills and they were supportive to bring out my hidden tallents."

Arun P, Visual Effects

"ICAT gave good knowledge and exposure into the fields of animation."

Ashley Roberts, Animation

"At ICAT, I learnt to use Adobe software and script writing. It helps me now when I am working on projects that require me to design and do the necessary user research."

Wavelee Presa Monserrate, Animation

"ICAT taught the basics of software, which is helping me a lot now as I am in that field."

Sivanesh M, Interior Design

"Staff supported a lot by clarifying doubts."

A.P.Tharshan, Interior Design