Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"ICAT has helped me in getting placement at Silverline Animations, Chennai."

Kolla Eswar Babu, Visual Effects

"ICAT helped me with improving my design knowledge and taught me how to work with different software. I sought professional knowledge and learned about the industries out there."

N. Vishnu Vardhan, Media Technology

"Thanks to ICAT for supporting me from the beginning to realize my dream. The quality of education provided by ICAT was amazing. Keep rocking."

Dinesh Balaji P, Game Development

"ICAT gave an exposure to the industry."

Santosh Kedari, Game Development

"Practical learning was offered, with good infrastructure."

Nirmal Raj T, Game Development (Programming)

"Icat in all the ways, supported me."

Debashish Das, Visual Effects

"Had a great experience and went through great project."

Deenar Begum, Interior Design

"ICAT helped in improving my skills as an Interior Designer Pro."

Lavanya, Interior Design

"ICAT supported me lot to became a VFX Artist."

Vikramathithan, Visual Effects

"ICAT helped me in Placement and in developing my skills."

Neeraj, Animation