Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"Placements, technology introduction and guidance were good."

T V S N S S Praneeth Kumar, Game Development

"ICAT helped me in learning designing, film making and art."

Savio Adarsh, Visual Effects

"Faculty has been very supportive while executing projects, without which we could've never completed those projects, which earned us the knowledge of handling huge projects with ease."

V.Divya Vardhan Raju, Visual Effects

"From Icat i got the best teachers."

Nathasha, Media Technology

"ICAT was the only college that provided Bachelors in Video Game Design. From an educational standpoint, ICAT supplied all the knowledge that a Game Designer would require for being successful in the industry."

Sanjay Karthikeyan, Game Design

"ICAT gave a solid start to a career in Animation."

Vinodh Kumar M S, Animation

"It supported so very good for my education and my job."

A.R.Sadhsih Raj, Animation

"ICAT helped me by giving me the time to explore the knowledge and by providing right opportunities at the right time."

S John Suganth, Animation

"Very good starting point for my career. Got very good exposure about the industry and technologies."

Saravanan K, Game Design

"ICAT acted as an essential bridge in my life. Apart from my professional life, it taught me how to survive in this harsh, competitive world."

Venkat, Game Development (Programming)