Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"For me, ICAT is a place where the term 'college' is meant very differently. ICAT feels more like a place to have fun with friends and at the same time gain knowledge, rather than just an educational institution. The atmosphere and the faculty here are so friendly and open. We are free not only to exercise any kind of hobbies, but are also encouraged to present them openly. I love to be in the college itself, rather than hanging around in any other place."

Shrey KachhapS, GDS

"I joined ICAT to pursue PG Diploma in Game Design. I learnt a lot about 3D and Game Design, which were new subjects to me. I received tremendous support from the lecturers and was able to attend campus interviews of top gaming companies organized by the placement department. My sincere thanks to the team at ICAT. "

Sivaramakrishna.P, Game Design

"ICAT has been a big and the right step towards realising my passion. This step has successfully changed my passion in to profession. While studying, I started my career as a Freelancer. Teachers here helped and guided me a lot. Infrastructure here is of industry-standard, which makes my work almost professional. ICAT is not just a College; it's the future of design and media."

Saikrishna S, 3DA

"ICAT has been more than just an institution for me. A Great set of appreciative teachers and supportive friends, helping me at each and every step of my work is what makes ICAT a family for me. As I keep on realizing my dream of becoming a Film Maker, I thank ICAT for helping me dream."

SuvojitDas, 3DA

"Scribble over walls, Voice over for a monkey, Judge a movie, Stay night to play games... Yes!! This is ICAT life!! Feels amazing when Professors aren't Professors and more like a friend helping you in an assignment."

Maheshwaran Nelliappan, 3DA

"ICAT is a platform for me, where I can prove my creative skills. The most important fact is that the faculties and the seniors are very helpful and supportive. I think this is the best Design and Media college. I am very lucky that I got the opportunity to be the part of this institution."

Dikshita Das, 3DA

"ICAT has been my second home since the past few months, not only because it is now my abode of knowledge, but it has also provided me with a big family of friends and teachers. ICAT is not merely a place for strict education. The teachers here are a bank of ideas and the seniors, worth to be mentioned, are a group of endless support. I thank ICAT for providing me such an inspiring atmosphere and aiding in every step of my work."

Badalpithadiya, 3DA

"ICAT educated me in the field of my interest and helped me get a job opportunity within Chennai."

Paarth Gururajan, Game Design

"ICAT gave the students the freedom to work on whatever projects they want to. It was a game changer for me. I made my final year project game with Virtual Reality, which I am still proud to tell among colleagues and juniors."

Vignesh, Game Design

"It gave me the fundamental knowledge on working procedures. Now, it is helping me to organize my work properly."

Dhivyabharathi, Multimedia