Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"My journey from Shillong to Chennai (ICAT) has not been without difficulties, but I was determined to become a 3D Animator, which gave me the strength to fight all odds. At college, I was always appreciated for my creativity and art skills by my professors and I was constantly motivated to master the technology and other aspects of Animation film making — which I did successfully.

My advice to students, particularly from the North East, is that when good education is available, don't restrict yourself to any location. Initially I too had certain inhibitions about South India, but ICAT gave me a great education and a good career start in one of the best companies in Animation in India."

Benjamin Syiem, PG-3D

"Many of my schoolmates have asked me how I got into an International company. I tried to specialize in all aspects of 3D Animation, giving more focus to the often neglected areas like Texturing. Thanks to the good foundation given at ICAT. Anyone who is creative should make a natural choice of this field. I am thankful to the college for bringing an International campus recruiter, as I am now exposed to complicated technologies like motion capture in my present company."

Mathan, PG-3D

"As I'm a creative person and passionate about Art, I always wanted to be a part of this media field. And yes, ICAT helped me to fulfil my wish by placing me in one of the best studios at Chennai – HRCL. I thank all the staff and management of ICAT."

Sukanta Chakraborty, PG-3D

"One of the most significant reasons I choose ICAT was the remarkable diversity the college has to offer. The atmosphere on campus is extremely dynamic. Every class that I have attended was fun. The faculty was helpful and their doors were always open to students. I rank ICAT as one of the best colleges in the India due to its high academic standards, first-rate professors and intellectually gifted students. Here I'm encouraged to pursue my academic passions. Here I'm making friends for life.

About the boarding facilities, if I had to choose a single word to describe, that word would be 'home'! If you are looking for a truly great experience and career, then ICAT is guaranteed not to disappoint you. Thank you ICAT for helping me to make my own identity in this superior world. I'm currently working as the Design Head at Icronex Technologies Ltd."

Kalyan.Gali, PG-3D

"It's been two years since I joined ICAT. I joined this college with lot of dreams and hope. This college gave me lot of friends and good teachers. Overall, I feel I am at the right place."

Syed Zeeshan, 3DA

"I want to be a Game Designer. Choosing ICAT has been the right decision. It's the only college, I feel, where you can learn from scratch. The campus is well equipped. The faculties here are highly motivated and are trained professionals. This campus is filled with enthusiastic people. Overall, it has given me good experience."

Triban Kalai Sing, GDS

"I am a First Year student of 3D Animation. My experience in this college has been fun. The teachers are extremely helpful and professional. Coming to ICAT has been a good decision. During the year, we had many events and a lot of fun in our campus. I like the way they teach and handle the students. They treat us as friends and at the same time they guide and mentor us."

Sharda Shankar, 3DA

"IThough I completed my graduation in Visual Communication, I was not confident in Animation. After joining ICAT, I understood the importance of drawing for animation and the techniques that are used to produce good animation. I also learned a lot while working as a team for our final project, like the importance of time management in delivering the output. Thanks to ICAT for placing me in Pixion."

Naren, PG-3D

"I'm a B.Sc. Chemistry graduate and I was into the Marketing field before pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in 3D Animation at ICAT. This college has helped me in achieving my dream, which was to be a part of the Animation industry. We were given classes to enhance our communication skills and this really helped us to face interviews with confidence."

Rajeev Phili, PG-3D

"ICAT has given me a platform to improve the skills I have. My teachers are very supportive and encouraging. My aim of becoming a good Film Maker has grown stronger after entering ICAT. Thank you ICAT for encouraging my hidden talents and aspirations."

Amol.N.Patil, 3DA