Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"While I was doing my 2nd year B.Com., I developed a passion towards this Visual Effects field. ICAT is a very good place to learn VFX. The best part about ICAT is we have Guest Lecturers from the industry, who visit to share their knowledge with the students. The college was really instrumental in helping me achieve my dream. My sincere thanks to ICAT."

John Abrahama, Visual Effects

"I have done my graduation in B.C.A from Bangalore University and I joined ICAT for PG Diploma in Visual Effects. The Website content and the placement record of ICAT convinced me to join. The course was very informative, precise and I got enough support to shape my career.

At present, I am working as a Roto Artist with Geon Studios - a Sahara company in Mumbai. Thanks to ICAT for getting me this job. I have worked as a Digital Rotoscope Artist in the Hollywood project - The Warrior's Way". My sincere thanks to all staffs of ICAT."

Sagar Meht, Visual Effects

"I'm currently working as a 2D Artist in Rhythm & Hues studio, India. I am graduated in Computer Engineering. Women pursuing careers in this field is more challenging than men in animations. Now, the female count is increasing in this filed. But the truth is creativity doesn't have gender! I take this opportunity to thank ICAT for providing good support in all ways to the students."

Sathya.K, Visual Effects

"I joined PG Diploma in Visual Effects at ICAT. I got placed in Prime Focus (Hyderabad) through the Placement department of ICAT. I understood the value of the training in ICAT when I did my first production shot for Chandini Chowk to China. The brand name, ‘ICAT’ really gives a good recognition for us in the industry."

V.Pradeep Srinivas, Visual Effects

"I am Sameena Khan from Hyderabad. I have done my graduation in Hyderabad(BFA) from Osmania University. As I am from BFA background, I was able to do only a manual work. I didn’t have the technical knowledge. But ICAT has given me such a good environment and freedom to work. We had industrial visits that helped us understand more about industry. ICAT has provided us with excellent lecturers who not only teach, but make us work.

I would really thank ICAT management and staff for providing resources and making my dreams come true."

Sameena Khanam, PG-3D

"I’m from Dehradun (Vhrukhand). When I came here, I was sure that my dreams will come true. ICAT provided me with all the facilities to do my work. The faculties are very good and I can easily understand what they teach. The way of teaching is very good. I got everything from ICAT that helps me to prove myself in this field. As a student, I was really happy with this college.

I learned many things from my college; not only through academic activities, but through lots of extra-curricular activities. The faculty members are really experienced and they make it easy for us to understand the technical concepts and to apply the concepts in real world scenario. I got every facility like night labs and extra time to finish my work, which made my work better."

Rohit Singh Rawat, PG-3D

"I am from Vishakapatnam. My father is a Business man and my mother is a housewife. I have a passion towards games (PC), fantasy novels and movies. I am a straight forward person and mostly see things in a positive way. I completed my B. Tech. in CSE in the year 2008. There had been some good experiences and a few tensions. On the whole, it has been a wonderful experience as I learned many things that really helped be a lot in my course completion.

The management provided the resources we asked, and the faculties were there for us in time of need. They gave me everything a student would need to shape his/her career."

B.AroopKumar, PG-3D

"I have finished my UG B.Sc. (CS). I have learnt so many things about the media and animation field at ICAT. Now, I am working as an Animator in DQ Entertainment. The projects I have worked are Micky Mouse, Casper and Twister Wishker. I was awarded the Best Animator in TW Project in the month of August, 2008"

Hari Narayanan, PG-3D

"I enjoyed the B.A.(Hons) course tremendously and cannot describe how much I have benefited from the experience and the education; it has not only helped in my work environment but in my personnel life too. Coming to ICAT to attain my Bachelor's degree was the beginning of a stream of opportunities. The course has displayed all the proverbial windows as choices and has also given me the opportunity to select the ones most suited to my interests. What I most like about ICAT is the close Student-Staff and Student-Student relationships.

ICAT have great staffs, who supported and encouraged me in every step. Professors were ready to put all their efforts into supporting students academically and helping them achieve their goals. They took their time to make sure I understood my coursework and best of all they even followed up with me to make sure I completed my work and returned it on time. Completing a Bachelor degree is a small part of our life's long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. I'm now working as an Account Strategist at Adwords Services in Dubai."

Salman Yusuf, PG-3D

"I joined 3D Animation at ICAT, Bangalore during 2008-2009. Basically I am from Art background. So, I wanted to enter the digital media industry. It is an honour to say that the teaching was too good. I learnt lot of things from my faculties as they were very supportive. I must say that ICAT is the best stepping stone to the Digital Media industry. The college placed me in one of the best companies in the country – Sony Image works, Chennai."

Suprith kumar.R, PG-3D