Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"This is Krishnamurthy (07PGVFX030). I have done my graduation in B.Sc. (Electronics) in SVU University, Tirupati. Due to immense interest in the VFX field, I joined ICAT in 2007 to pursue the Post Graduation course in VFX. Before joining ICAT, I had no clue on how to pursue a career in this field. But during the course, I was given lot of inputs about the industry, attended seminars organized by ICAT and also we had the best lecturers from the industry.

Now, I’m working as a Compositor in DQ Entertainment International Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. I thank the Placement department of ICAT for giving me this opportunity to work in one of the well-known companies in India. Currently I’m working for the project – Casper Scare School."

M.Krishna Moorthy, PG-VFX

"I had a great experience pursuing the Post Graduate Diploma course in Visual Effects at ICAT. My interest in computer games attracted me towards this industry. After completing my B.Tech, I started looking for the best animation college in India. After googling in Internet, I found “ICAT”. ICAT was one of the animation colleges that gained my attention because it fit the criteria what I was looking at an animation college, like campus with best facilities and better placement.

ICAT curriculum is one of the best I would say, as it integrates art and technology according to industry standards. I highly recommend ICAT for students and other professionals looking for a way to expand their creativity and experience in the field of animation, gaming and visual effects."

K.Prakash, PG-VFX

"My name is M. Kathirvel and I have done PG VFX in ICAT, during 2007-2008. I learnt many things here. It's very useful and I got the confidence to work in the industry. I selected the right college and I am proud to say that I got placement through the college. I got placed in Sony pictures Image works, as a Roto Artist. In our company, I found many Artists from ICAT. Especially our company's Roto Lead is also a student of ICAT."

Kathirvel, PG-VFX

"I have done my B.Sc.(Math) is Madurai Kamaraj University. I was working as a Still Photographer at Madurai. I came to know about ICAT through a friend of mine, when I expressed my interest in doing a professional course in VFX. The content taught at ICAT was elaborate when compared to other institutions. It was good to do a full-time course than doing a part-time (2or3hrs) course in an institute. Here, we were able to learn from the industry professionals, who come as Guest Lecturers. As a Still Photographer, I was interested in getting into media. I was always interested in films.

ICAT really helped me to hone my skills and also choose the right path. Through ICAT placements, I was exposed to well known companies in India. The department supported us till we got a job placement. The brand, 'ICAT' has made us stand out in the crowd and we are given preference when compared to students from other institutes. At Pixion, Chennai I'm working as a Roto Paint Artist. I'm able to learn a lot here. I joined for Roto, but I'm allowed to work in compositing and tracking too.

I would like to help my juniors in guiding them with their projects and would like to give them inputs on the current trends in the industry. I was a part of Bollywood projects, namely 'Luck by Chance and Victory' which have been released in theatres. Currently, working in Hindi and Kannada projects. The Team Lead is happy with my outputs. VFX students should not only concentrate in Roto but also in other areas like paint, tracking and compositing for entering into this industry."

S.Lakshmana Kumar, PG-VFX

"It was a great experience studying at ICAT. The course was designed as per industry specific requirements, which really helps when you get into production straight after you come out of school. I would suggest aspiring students to enhance their artistic & technical knowledge apart from the core subject.

Gaining knowledge of other related fields always helps, as everything is interconnected to one another. I was campus recruited by Pixion and currently I am working as a Senior Digital Compositor. Till date, I have worked in 25 projects (Domestic and International)."

Ashwin Singh, Visual Effects

"Software never impressed me even though I had an average of 78% in B.E. I am not repenting that thought after 3 years of industry experience. I am now working for EFX Magic in Motion, a Division of Prasad Corporation, as a Compositor (Digital Artist). I have also been for movie shooting coordination.

I was one of the Visual Effects Supervisors for the Malayalam movie, Athisayan. ICAT gave me the perfect environment to learn what's required to be a Compositor. They were very helpful and organized. They always tried to get people placed in better companies. And so we did."

Lakshmanan, Visual Effects

"I am an energetic person, a real self-starter. What I mean by self-starter is that I've loved being independent and taking on new projects and developing fresh ideas. Unlike other careers, VFX is fun. It really depends on where you work & how. I have my own imagination, which can be brought to life through VFX. Learning at ICAT was a great experience with loads of fun."

Sandesh, Visual Effects

"The best thing in life is to make one's passion as Profession. I did exactly the same by choosing my passion for Graphics, which made me specialize in Visual FX. Before coming to ICAT, I had knowledge on video editing, but I understood VFX had more challenges thereby giving a bigger career. At ICAT, we learnt from professionals (Guest Lecturers), which can't match any other training."

Shyamchand, Visual Effects

"I started my career in Interior Design and then moved to 2D Animation. But finally, I quit my job and joined ICAT to learn VFX as I could sense the huge scope for VFX and Animation professionals. It was a tough decision to make, as my father initially objected to quit and study full time at ICAT. But once I made him understood the scope, the decision was easy. I certainly suggest the need for doing full-time program, as there is ample time for understanding the foundation thoroughly, which is a boon at work place."

Shakthivel, Visual Effects

"I joined the Post Graduate Diploma in ICAT - Chennai. ICAT has really helped me in shaping up a career in the VFX industry and the college has provided us with good lecturers for this course. I was able to attend many campus interviews. I'm thankful to ICAT Placement department for real good exposure to the industry. At Rhythm & Hues, I'm working as a Roto Artist and have worked for many international projects. I thank ICAT for making me eligible to work in Rhythm & Hues."

Avinash, Visual Effects