Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"ICAT helped me in several ways to gain the knowledge and good experience in my college life. I got much support from my faculty and friends at ICAT."

Mary Ancy P, Media Technology

"When I first arrived at the college, I was frankly overwhelmed by the amount of assignments and work. Later I was able to mange the time. Facultiies were also very friendly and helped me to acheive my goal."

Dibyajyoti Rout, Media Technology

"It was an amazing experience at ICAT. I improved my skills a lot with the help of friendly staff. It was really a joyful environment. We got very good support from Student Advisors Team to get better facilities in the college."

Ranjith Battu, Animation

"The College teaches everything good. We have to learn properly."

K. Venkatesh Babu, Game Design

"As a 3D Artist, we should always know the workflow difference between a project which goes to render and the one goes to game engines. The preproduction process like RVJ and things ICAT taught me helped a lot. I am always grateful to the staffs."

Anandhakirushnan, Animation

"Iam the first and only student to get Placement in B.Sc. Media Technology, in the company named Zyme Solutions, Bangalore. Iam the student of first B.Sc. Media Technology Batch in Bangalore. My faculties supported me a lot. The training was awesome and guranteed."

Aromal Sijulal, Media Technology

"Now am a full man with a Bachelor degree. It's because of ICAT."

S. Aravindeswaran, Media Technology

"ICAT was good in teaching me how to research a content and to go by the process for each project."

Naveen Surya, Animation

"ICAT gave me the platform and the environment of this creative field to explore myself. The faculties helped me to learn the various aspects of game design."

Raj Aryan, Game Design

"Mr. Sathis Sir is always supporting to me, in terms of creating animations, using software, or coining ideas."

Rex Bosco, Animation