Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"I was interested in Gaming and was eagerly searching the right place to learn. That's when I spotted ICAT. My career was shaped at ICAT. Today, I am working for one of the high-end Gaming companies in India. I have worked for a game called AGNI in which my contribution was in the areas of Gameplay and AI (Artificial Intelligence). "

Santhosh Arya Somayajula, Game Development

"I like to play games from my childhood. After finishing my graduation, I searched a good institute for doing my Multimedia course. I attended a seminar conducted by ICAT, Trichy. From there, I got the way for my game development career. After joining ICAT, my life was completely changed. My faculties motivated me a lot on game programming. It's something different which I can't tell in words.

The college conducted daily seminars, practical sessions, and so on that really supported us throughout the course. After getting placement in a game company, though people around me were seniors, I was one step ahead of them because I was from ICAT. ICAT made it easy to work in a game company. ICAT really helped me a lot. I have to thank ICAT faculties and everyone. "

S.Venkatesh, PG-GMD

"I had passion towards the Game industry since childhood. I spent my entire life in nothing else than playing games. I decided to take Gaming as a career when I was in 11th standard. ICAT gave me enough time to build my foundation along with portfolio. It also gave enough resources (e-books) so that I could self-learn" (key aspect of game industry) about programming. Another benefit was meeting students with the same interest and passion. The company I work, according to my personal opinion, is one of the best in India."

Vaibhav Panchal, Game Development

"ICAT gave me an opportunity to peruse a job in an MNC – Electronic Arts, Hyderabad.I truly thank God for letting me know about this institute. Next I would like to thank all the ICAT staff for if they were not there would not have got this job."

Vineet Jacob George, UG-GMD

"I was interested in gaming right from my childhood. I came to ICAT when the interest intensified to developing games. ICAT is my life's turning point in becoming a Game Programmer. We (myself and 3 more Game classmates) were the first team ever from India to participate in a prestigious Global Gaming Competition titled, Dare to be Digital" held in Scotland for 10 weeks.

We had a Scholarship of 1200 pounds, paid nothing and in return got loads of experience along with certification from top 30 Global Gaming companies. The best part is that I was campus recruited much before the participation in the competition. That's the level of opportunity in Gaming in India."

Siddharth, Game Development

"It's like a dream! From a small city (Wardha), which does not even have a Game cafe, today I have worked in close to 20 games like NFS-Pro street, Simcity, Burnout and Moha Airborne, in the world's leading Game company. I got SAT (Significantly Above Target) award, which is the top most grade in EA that only few people have got. I just want to say that in the next 10 years, India will rule the Gaming industry.

I am proud to be an alumnus of ICAT and thanks to the Placement department for placing me in one of the top gaming companies - Electronic Arts, Hyderabad."

Shilbodhi Wardha, Game Development

"I'm an M.C.A graduate and have worked as a Lecturer before joining ICAT. My interest in gaming attracted me towards ICAT. The course content of the PG Game Development course is in par with the industry standards. The faculties as well as good facilities, like library, access to British library, lecture rooms equipped with projectors and air conditions, uninterrupted power supply, good laboratory etc., helped me to focus on my dreams.

I got placement in Electronic Arts(EA), Hyderabad as Associate Software Engineer (ASE). At E.A, I got opportunity to work on many projects like Model of Honour Air Borne, Sims, NFS Undercover, Cranium etc. The Gaming industry is rapidly growing, so there are lot of opportunities in the coming years. "

Girish Kumar, Game Development

"I joined PG - Game Development at ICAT and found the course to be really excellent and up to the industrial standards. Excellent faculties and other facilities for students to pursue the chosen courses are available at this college. I'm thankful to the placement team for placing me at Raptor Entertainment, Bangalore as a 3D Senior Programmer."

S.Deepa, Game Development

"I started playing PC games seriously when I was in my high school. I started with 2d games like Dave, Mario and Prince of Persia before moving on to the more enthralling 3D stuff. Before coming to ICAT, I didn't have a clear idea as to what all goes into making a game, the tools used, the development cycle and the efforts involved. The exposure that I got at ICAT helped me on all these fronts. It helped me understand that Game programming is not all about your coding skills.

You must be strong in Mathematics and Physics because the ultimate aim of Game development is to simulate real world life; and all the aspects of daily life are governed by Mathematics and Physics. Besides, the company of like-minded people, who shared the same passion for game development, was quite helpful and I got to learn a lot from them."

Sreeprakash, Game Development

"I am Avish John. I was a student of ICAT during the year 2009-2010. I completed my Under Graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. But I was keen on taking up a career in Visual Arts. As I was scouring through the internet for a PG course, I found ICAT. Owing to my love for art and technology, I chose a PG Diploma in Visual Effects. We had classes covering a wide variety of subjects like fundamentals of art and design, direction, script writing, cinematography and visual effects.

Teachers were very supportive and knowledgeable. Emphasize was more on the art than the tools. We were given assignments that gave us a chance to apply our knowledge to create something on our own. We had a very good studio set up that enabled us to shoot our own footage for our show reels. We were provided with lot of placement opportunities. We were trained in soft skills to prepare us for interviews. I got placed at Rhythm & Hues Studios, Hyderabad as a BG Prep/Rotoscopy TD. I am happy with my work and I am thankful to ICAT for taking me through this long journey."

Avish John, PG-VFX