Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"I did my UG in S.B.K College, Aruppukottai and studied PG Game Design in ICAT. I had a very good experience in ICAT. I enjoyed each and every moment here, with my batch mates. ICAT made me realize what I was capable of and it helped to show case my talents."

P.Saravana kannan, PG-GDS

"When I started the BA (Hons) Interior Design course at ICAT Design and Media College, interior designing was completely new to me; and I had to struggle to accomplish academically. Thanks to the College. I am now successful in undertaking projects and organizing myself and others. I had huge support from both the staff and trainers, who went out of their way to help us. I have also made some good friends who will stay with me throughout the rest of my life. Miss you ICAT."

Preetam Tumulu, Interior Design

"I did my UG (B.Com) Graduation in Quaide Milleth College and then did PG (Diploma in Game Design) in ICAT. I appreciate the way the lecturers helped us during the course. My overall experience as a student was good."

J.Nagoor Gani, PG-GDS

"I did my UG in Vis. Comm. I am really proud to be a student of ICAT. The tenure at ICAT was fun and informative. I thank my lecturers for imparting knowledge in this field and thank the Placement department for placing in one of the top companies in India."

Karthikeya Mohan.R, PG-GDS

"After I completed B.Tech degree in Industrial Engineering, I found out about the Game Development course at ICAT and decided to join it. After I joined ICAT, I met several people who had similar interests in games and game programming. Being with them helped me realize a part of my dream to become a Game Programmer. ICAT has provided support for enhancing my programming skills and provided proper lab facilities. Thanks to the Placement department for placing me at Electronic Arts, Hyderabad. "

Nimesh C.Nair, UG-GMD

"I have been in ICAT for over three years. The course curriculum has helped me a great deal in understanding many aspects of game development. Inclusion of art in the course may seem unnecessary but it was still important for us to understand all aspects of game development. I love developing and playing games; and when you study about the same, it’s even more rewarding and fun. All in all, I have had a great time at ICAT."

Basudev Patel, UG-GMD

"I have done Visual Communication course before joining ICAT. The tools and techniques taught in Game Designing helped me in fulfilling my dream of becoming a Game Designer in one of the top gaming companies in India. Additional facilities, such as access to the computer labs during late hours and access to a well-equipped library in the campus have really helped us to excel technically in this industry."

S.K. Rajesh kumar, Game Design

"I did my graduation in Hindi at Allahabad University. Learning in ICAT was a good experience; especially I learnt to speak English after joining ICAT. I hardly had chance to play more games in PS3 or XBOX, because I got placed in Rhythm & Hues within 8 months of pursuing the course. Thanks to the placement department of ICAT."

AbhimanyuJoshi, Game Design

"My passion of specializing in 3D turned out to reality when I joined this college. I was able to explore a whole new dimension in 3D and ICAT gave me complete guidance and confidence to pursue this career. I am really amazed at how I was able to improve my technical knowledge within a very short span of time. I really thank my faculties, who provided me with the motivation and guidance."

Raghava Krishna, Game Design

"Initially, I started playing games for fun. The interest became intense and I started thinking beyond playing — like how games are designed, programmed and implemented. I chose to have a career when I was able to feel the deeper satisfaction I would get when my creative ideas are visualized on screen. ICAT guided me very well by giving all the required knowledge to enter the industry with confidence.

The college gave me good exposure about the gaming industry, chance to interact with other game programmers and share their practical experience. It was a good course. Currently, I have worked on a Console Game and our company has already earned a name for itself as one of India's leading game companies. "

Ramatchandiran, Game Development