Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"I always wanted to know how games work, how 3D models move around the 3D space, how they acquire colors, how the keyboard controls make my player move around the game space and tons of other questions. Every question of mine got answered only when I joined ICAT.

Teachers knew exactly what I wanted and trained according to my leaning style, because of which my knowledge got leveled up and I was just a few steps away to acquire my dream job as Game developer. It was not so difficult for me to overcome the interview process as ICAT equipped me with everything that's required a job.

After getting placement from ICAT, my journey as a professional Junior Game Developer began, and now I am a Game developer with one year work experience; and still lots to explore and have fun.

I am happy that I’ve published my personal game on Google Play store: "

Clifford Rodrigues, PG - GMD

"Thanks to ICAT for supporting me throughout these years. The 3d puzzle game, “Portal Express” that I created in my final year gave me the experience of developing a game from scratch. Then, the display of my game at the Express Avenue mall received people appreciation and motivated me to the best. I was also awarded the ‘Best Project -2015’ award.

After final year I started my own Indie Game Development studio named “Weloadin Studio, LLP” partnering with my batch mate, who is a Game Designer. We started to create our own games and publish them. Our first game, “Trippy Trap” has been released and more games are now lined up for release. All these wouldn’t be possible without the college’s support and things we learned there. Thanks to ICAT."

Beschi Mario Royston R, UG - GMD

"While in ICAT, I and my team won several competitions, like the National Game Jam Titans (1st prize) and International BYOG 2014 (Finalist). Upon completion of the course, I started my own Game Development company, which was only possible because I came to ICAT, where I gathered all the required knowledge and also met my other two partners (my classmates in ICAT) with whom I started this venture. The main thing is, if you have got the determination to divulge completely into game development, ICAT can surely get you where you want to be."

Ankit Tiwari, PG Game Development

"First of all, a big thanks to all my photography faculties at ICAT. They have given me an opportunity to build my confidence and reveal the talents inside me. Before I came here, I never knew I could explore a lot more than I could imagine. So it was 2yrs ago when I came and then things started to change a lot. We have been exposed to many other activities apart from just studies. That's why I really like it here. We are not just bound to books but have the freedom in this world of creativity. Because I was in the Photography department, we have been taken outdoors for photo walks, educational tour, etc. We were taken to the great Himalayas in the first year, which it was an amazing experience. In the following year, we went to Rajasthan. We wandered throughout Rajasthan, including Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaiselmer, Jaipur,etc. It was very fortunate for us to travel to these places and explore other cultures and traditions of our country. Moreover, we went to Nepal during the Final year along with the faculties. To be frank, I must say I was lucky to be at ICAT. I wish all my juniors all the best. All of you work hard so that you can fly out with beautiful colors. Finally, I want to thank our faculties, Mr. Vinod Kumar, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Debarshi and Mr. Vignesh for being with us at all times and guiding us towards our road to success. Thank you!"

Donald Yumnam, Photography

"I finished my UG in Vis com and joined ICAT for the game design course. As a student, I had a very good experience at ICAT. Enjoyed each and every moment here with my batchmates doing different types of gaming projects and researches. ICAT made me realize what I was capable of and it helped showcase my talent in the industry."

S.Dinesh kumar, PG-GDS

"I studied B.Sc. Computer Science at SRM Arts and Science College. After completing the course, I joined ICAT because of the craze I have for Gaming. ICAT has a good environment to learn multimedia. The management was kind enough to provide the students with extra lab hours, even at night times. That was quiet useful."

L.Barath Sujai kumar, PG-GDS

"Joining ICAT has been one of the best decisions that I've made. What I had dreamt of as a child was brought to life before my eyes. The constant support, understanding and patience from the instructors have been instrumental in defining what I am today. Without their support, I would not be in this position staring down a vast realm of possibilities. The people that I have met and have been a part of, especially my peers, always provided that extra bit of challenge to go overboard and do something which no one has dared to.

Today my visions are much more refined, much more organized and my life at ICAT has imprinted itself in my work."

Samuel Marandi, PG - GMD

"I have always felt lucky to be a student of ICAT Design and Media College. The thing I admired most about the College is the support I received from the professors at the College. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have, without those caring professors who were ready to help the students at anytime. They guided me to create a very good portfolio in the three years, which helped me work with some big firms like Medimix and Metal communications. Above the key job opportunities, the portfolio brought me an admission at the New York Film Academy to do my Masters, along with a scholarship of 12000 USD. Thanks to ICAT.

If you are passionate about your aim, then ICAT is the right place for you. It is just not a regular college that works 9-5, but an outstanding one that kindles your creativity round the clock."

Manikandan, UG VFX

"Today, I am a Game Developer working at a VR in Noida — a company fast rising up among the plethora of other Arch-Viz firms. I have worked on a PC game, Idol Hands; added four mobile titles to my name; have programmed one WebGL based township visualization solution; and I am currently developing a 2D engine. All this is done in the past 2 years. I am grateful to ICAT for showing me the way and for getting me together with talented people, who I still call my friends.

For prospective students, this is all I have to say: trust in yourself and take the leap."

Praveen Chris Benjamin J, UG - GMD

"I finished my school and UG B.Com(CA) at SBK College MK University Aruppukottai.I had ICAT Helped Me to Showcase My Talents enjoyed each and every moment.ICAT helped me to showcase my talents."

R.Karthick Rajnagu, PG-GDS