Admission open 2021 – 22

Alumni Review

"My three years at ICAT was an interesting journey. ICAT is not like any regular, mainstream college — you don't get spoon-fed by the teachers. The entire course is designed in a practice-oriented manner, which makes us all industry-ready professionals when we graduate. What we work on are real-time projects and the assessment process is very much like an interaction session between you and your clients. This process makes it a lot easier for us to cope, when we move into the industry, in comparison to the traditional theory exam methods. At ICAT, there is a lot of scope for learning and improvement, and an amazing faculty group to guide you in every step in the way until you graduate, and even after you start working."

Aswathi NM, Advertising Design

"Since the first moment I came to ICAT Design and Media College, I met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The workspace and staff at the institution are top rated. They all want their students to do well. I must say, this college has a huge number of opportunities for a student to get the help he/she needs. Professors helped me beyond words I can state. This college keeps the students as a priority — you won't be let down. I really believe it is a privilege to come to this college and I'm so glad I made that decision."

Parth Soparia, Advertising Department, 2014-17

"Ever since I was young, I’ve always been passionate towards games and art. Games were my secondary world, where I could feel different and wonderful. But I never thought about a career in gaming even after my higher studies. When I learnt about ICAT, I left behind my other studies and just applied for the Game Art and Design course at ICAT. When I visited the campus, it felt like I belong here.

My department and faculties gave me the freedom to do what I really want to pursue. I am grateful to them and to my classmates; they all helped me grow and taught me the value of art. Today, I work for AAA Game Studio in my dream Job, Character Artist.

Thank You ICAT!"

Prathviraj Patil, UG Game Art & Design

"At ICAT, I had good lecturers who were there to guide me always in my projects. They were my mentors and were there to clarify my doubts at any time. From them, I could gain more knowledge about game designing. At ICAT, I not only gained knowledge on the subject, but also got the ability to set my goals and achieve them.

Game Designing was my passion. When we are passionate about the work we do, it is easy to achieve the goal. Thanks to ICAT faculties and the management for helping me gain such a job of my passion."

Kalyan Naidu, UG Game Art & Design

"I completed my Graduation in B.Sc. Computer Science, after which I joined ICAT for the Game Designing course, which I really enjoyed learning at this college.

I wanted to be a Game Artist, for which I was sure that choosing ICAT was the right decision. It's the only college, I feel, where you can learn from scratch. The campus is well equipped. The faculties here are highly motivating and are trained professionals. Overall, it has given me a good experience.

And yes, ICAT helped me to fulfil my dreams. Now I am working as a Game Artist at Druva Interactive."

Gifto Varghese, PG - Game Design

"First of all, becoming a 3D Artist was my dream and ICAT helped in achieving my dream. Thanks to the faculty of Game Art and Design who helped me in bringing out my talents. Along with the faculty training, the assignments they gave sharpened our skills. I got a job from the campus placement and I am now working as a 3D Artist at SIMLABS, Bangalore."

Anil Kumar, PG - Game Design

"My experience during the 3 years at ICAT College was wonderful; I don’t have words to say how much I enjoyed these three years of my college life. I am proud to say that I have learned some important things in these three years that has given me a dream job.

ICAT College has given me a chance to improve my skills in my subjects and has given me many opportunities to gain lot of technical knowledge. I can never forget the tour to Ajanta that was organized by the college.

I chose to study the Game Designing course at ICAT College because of my passion for video games. In this course, I learned to work with Unity engine, Maya, Photoshop, Construct2 and Illustrator, which has given me the skill to create my own games. Game designing is one of the best courses to offer best career opportunities. And ICAT is the best college to provide Game Designing course in India.

In the first year, we had practical sessions on designing and basics of Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya, which I enjoyed. In the second year, we were taught the core subjects like designing models in Maya, level designing in Unity, Photoshop and Illustrator. In the final year, we were given projects that were very helpful for our career. At ICAT, the teaching facilities were very good and they were available 24*7 to help us and to clear our doubts in subjects.

Overall, I want to thank the Management and Staff for treating me as a friend and helping me through the three years of my college life. ICAT is the best college for students who want to be successful in a career they dream of."

Sudheer Kumar, UG Game Art & Design

"First, I would like to start with a big thanks to the ICAT Design and Media College for not just helping and supporting in my academics, but for providing amazing and knowledgeable faculties. The faculties were very caring and guided me not to just learn but to aim higher. Especially, my department HOD helped me out a lot in building my portfolio, because of which I am now working as a 3D Artist in a firm, which is one of the global leaders in the field of VFX – MPC. This career is a real gift to me after taking up a course in Game Art and Design.

Thanks to ICAT for helping me start my career that I am so passionate and excited about."

Srivatsav Raghavan, UG Game Art & Design

"Currently working as a Jr. Designer in Imagin8ors, an Ed-tech start-up, I am happy to say, I was a student of ICAT Design and Media College. ICAT has provided a very well designed coursework with supportive learning environment. The lecturers and administration staff are very experienced and committed to help the students to excel."

Rishi Saroj.T.S, UG Game Art & Design

"I am so happy and excited to share about the 3 gorgeous years of BA(Hons)degree. The journey has been more than beautiful! And now I miss working on my RVJ. I am glad to come across ICAT, and it all happened at the right time. I had gotten my admission in the USA for my interior designing degree, and was all set for it, then I came across the Birmingham City University degree offered at ICAT. I was a little curious initially, to know whether it would be the same as a degree abroad. I got in touch with the college, and was happy to know that its the same curriculum that they follow. And of course comparison began, and definitely it is much cheaper than studying in the USA, in fact very cheap. The journey has been amazing, researching on the module objectives and learning more about the subject was very interesting. This was what I wanted exactly! The RVJ(Research Visual Journal) helped me a lot to develop my skills. It helped me to develop my problem solving skills, presentation skills and a lot more. The jury review sessions with the UK professors, has been amazing. The friendly sessions helped a lot in moulding myself to a better interior designer. I am proud and happy to be the interior designer I am today. Yes I think different, and my BA Hons Degree in interior design at Birmingham City University has helped me to develop the thinking process and the creative me. And it doesn't end with that, in fact a ticket to your dream job abroad"

Alina Jebby, Interior Design - Bangalore