Admission open 2021 – 22

Alumni Review

"ICAT gave the encouragement, knowledge and guidance I needed to pursue the career of my dreams."

Suvojit Das, Visual Effects

"Thank you ICAT for giving a healthy environment, where I was able to learn and be challenged. You actually provided fun classes, where I could explore my passions more. You brought real life experiences where I can put my passions into practice."

Dias Antony Padamadan, Visual Effects

"ICAT supported me in building up my career and helped me out in getting vast exposure in technical way."

D Sai Mahesh, Visual Effects

"I've learned the graphic design stuff and software like photoshop, Illustrator etc. ICAT, they still support me by providing some opportunities and keep on encouraging. They just give us the room to grow and know what we are good at."

M.Phani Chandra, Multimedia Technologies

"Icat provides Best in environment, guidance and teaching."

Gousepeer Shaik, Game Development

"My three years at ICAT was an interesting journey. ICAT is not like any regular, mainstream college. You don't get spoon-fed by the teachers. The entire course is designed in a practice-oriented manner."

Kola Srikanth, Game Design

"ICAT really showed me the way to be creative, how to self learn and research in this creative field."

Rohit Soni, Game Design

"Thanks to the College. I am now successful. I had huge support from both the staff and trainers, who went out of their way to help us."

Ankesh Sarkar, Multimedia Technologies

"ICAT supported me to gain more knowledge about the Multimedia Field"

Santosh Baghel, Multimedia

"ICAT was the gateway to the world of visual effects. In all means they gave me a strong foundation of what visual effects is all about; and that foundation helped me stay passionate towards this field with constant technology updates."

Sakthivel, Visual Effects