Admission open 2022 – 23

Alumni Review

"ICAT has really helped me grow both in my personal as well as professional life. As a college, it has taught me team work and how to manage others. It has taught me to focus on my goals and it has given me the skills to achieve those goals."

Shashank Mohanty, Media Technology

"ICAT college supported me a lot to become a Graphic Designer. I learnt essential software and skills from great faculties of ICAT. The college has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment. Student-friendly faculty and supporting staff creates a conducive academic eco-system which helped me a lot."

Amitava Paul, Multimedia

"ICAT has supported me through its dynamic faculties, who are still helpful in providing feedback when it's needed."

Satayajeet Kumar, Game Development

"I was in the 2009 - 2010 batch. It was really a wonderful student life compared to my UG. Chennai was totally a new experience. ICAT faculties helped me with everything: my stay, my travel and a lot of moral support. Above all, the soft skill class was really good, which helped me survive in the current company."

Anand, Visual Effects

"At ICAT, I learned every possible thing under the VFX pipeline — right from penile art to visual compositing. My professors were very kind in teaching. I was very passionate about working for Hollywood movies and ICAT teachers made my passion come true."

Peruman, Visual Effects

"I learned a lot at ICAT. The teachers were very friendly. The content was perfect and so was the level. Well equipped classroom with interactive whiteboard. The Wi-Fi was convenient. A lot of personal attention was given."

Vipin Babu T K, Multimedia

"Helped in both academic and career development."

Ramalingam S, Media Technology

"ICAT supported me to get a job oppurtunity."

Sivanantham S, Visual Effects

"Icat heloped me a lot in Moulding creativity"

Niya Alex, Multimedia Technologies

"ICAT has always been helpful right from the beginning of the course. The faculty here helped us to be positive in all the way. Each module was handled with absolute care, to develop our skillset. Completing Media Technology, helped me widen the range of my skillset, including Graphic Design, Web Design and Motion Graphics, which is now helping me out in my current company. I thank ICAT and the faculty for helping me come out strong in the field."

Sudhaakar, Media Technology