Admission open 2022 – 23

Advisory Board & Knowledge Brigade

The College's education is distinguished by an internationally acclaimed Advisory board. The Board of Advisors have shared their years of experience in their area of specialization in formulating a curriculum meeting global industry standards. The chief members of the Advisory board are:

Tim McGovern

Winner of the Academy (Oscar) award for Best Visual Effects, Tim Mcgovern was a founding member of Sony Pictures Imageworks where he held the post of Senior Vice-President of Creative and Technical affairs. He has worked in movies like Speed, In the line of fire, The last action hero, Hideaway, As good as it gets and many more.

George Merkert

Academy award Nominee and one of the original MTV producers, George has worked in movies like Cliffhanger, Anaconda and supervised the production of Animation for the films Forces of Nature, Mission Impossible and The Legend of Bagger Vance. He was also executive producer for the C.A.F.E. division of PDI (Recently re-named as Dreamworks Animation). He has given numerous talks on topics of interest in Animation to students throughout the globe.


The Mascot of Indian Visual Effects Industry, Madhu as he is popularly known is the first Indian Visual FX producer to have worked in an Oscar award-winning movie for Best Visual Effects (The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King). He is the Chairman of the FICCI Visual Effects Community – An Indian body actively engaged in the development of Indian Visual Effects industry in the global map.

Knowledge Brigade

Many critically acclaimed professionals have shared their knowledge with us. Few of them are

BARRIE. M. OSBORNE Oscar Winner (The Lord of the Rings) & Producer (LOTR, Matrix)
CHRISTIAN RIVERS Oscar & BAFTA Winning Animator, (Kingkong, LOTR)
COLLIN BROWN CEO - Cinesite, The Production facility of "Harry Potter",UK
PETER CHIANG Visual Effects Director -"Batman"
MICHAEL PAYCER Film Producer (Speed 2)
MATT COSTELLO World famous Writer of Doom and Pirates of the Caribbean 3
JOHN LABREE Former CTO, Weta Digital, New Zealand
ERNEST ADAMS Game Design consultant, Trainer and Author of several best-selling books in the Gaming industry
ED HOOKS Member of Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, Author of Acting for Animators, US
SHELLEY PAGE Head of International Outreach, DreamWorks
Prof. AFTAB GHARDA Retired Director of Academic Partnerships, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. JAKKIE DEHNN Internationally acclaimed expert on sustainable materials. Retired University's Reader in Sustainable Product Design, Kingston University, UK
Prof. RICHARD SNELL Over 35 years experience as a Furniture Designer and Teacher at Birmingham City University, UK
Dr. SILVESTER CZANNER Principle Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Dr. ALAN SUMMERS Programme Leader MA Design, University of Chester, UK
Prof. ROB GIBB Subject Leader Photography, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. DOUGLUS MACLEANNAN Director - International Development and Principal Lecturer, Northumbria University, UK
Prof. BOBBIE JONES Lecturer in Design & Illustration, Hereford University, UK
Prof. CLIVE HICKINBOTTOM Course Leader, Hereford College of the Arts, UK
Prof. SION HUGHES Professor of Art & Design and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Sunway University
Dr. PANCH SUNTHARALINGAM Course Director, MA Design Visualisation, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. RICHARD JONES Senior Lecturer in Interior Design, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. LEE HARDING Fashion Designer, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. WILLIAM CAMPBELL Associate Professor, School of Computing, Mathematics & Digital Technology, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. ANDREW WILSON Program Leader Computer Games Technology, Birmingham City University, UK
Prof. GLADYS PALMER Vice president, Academy of Art University
Prof. HUW DAVIES Dean of College of Arts, University of Derby
Prof. CHRISTINA Nottingham Trent University
RYAN LOBO Freelance Photographer
JOANNE GREENBERG Director of 50 Theater Productions, Vermont, USA
OLIVER SHYAL BEARDSLEY Crowd Simulation, Technical Director of Harry Potter Games, X-Men etc.
DAVID FREEMAN LA, New York & London’s most popular Screenwriter & Development Master, US
HASSAN ABD MUTHALIB Father of Malaysian Animation, Author of “Malaysian Cinema in a Bottle”
MAX HOWARD President and Producer at Exodus Film Group, US
FRANCOISE BOSTELS Marsha Woodbury, Judith Reyland, Brazil
GREDGE PROSKOURIAE BARNETT Illustrationist, Birmingham City University, UK
CLAUDIUS SCHULTZE Award winning German photographer
Prof. MADHU KRISHNAN Master of Design (Basel School of Design, Switzerland)
Prof. THAKKAR Basel School, Switzerland
Prof. SOLOMON VEDAMUTHU Elected Member of the Principals' Constituency, Council of Architecture - Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India
SHIVBILAS SAXENA Principal Faculty (Film & Video Communication), NID
PRIYANKAR GUPTA Freelance Illustrator, Animation Film Designer, Visualizer, NID
KALYAN Graphic Designer, NID
Prof. VINAY SAYNEKAR Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, one of the very first font designers in India
Ar. BENNY KURIAKOSE Principal Architect at Benny Kuriakose Architects - Vernacular art and architecture
Dr. PARTHASARATHY Retired Professor of Mathematics, IIT Chennai
NASSER Multi-talented film personality
V.M. RAVIRAJ Former Principal, Film Institute, Chennai
SASI Film Director
SHESHA PRASAD Vice President, Rhythm & Hues
Dr. MUTHUKUMAR Director, Folklore Institute
MOULIMURUR Design Faculty, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Ar. CHETAN K S Principal Designer & Mentor Kham Designs - Biomimicry (Sustainability)
Ar. DHRUV FUTNANI Managing Director at Green - Green Building Techniques
BRAIN C. MCAULIFFE Director of Production, Sumo India
PRAVEEN CHRISPUG Consultant for Stop Motion Animation (BCU, UK)
SATHISH KASHETTEY National award winning Film Director
PETER J. ASIRVATHAM Founder & Creative Director, Crushades
Dr. KENNEDY Producer & Asst. Professor, Educational Multimedia Research Centre, O.U
MANIKANDAN Visual Effects Artist & Matte Painter (worked in over 200 films)
SUDHIRSHELAR CEO, Shilahar Associates (Marcom Consultant)
VIJAY LADHA CA , Director, Fourell Appliances India Ltd.
RAMESH DESAI Cinematographer
B. BALASWAMY Professional Scriptwriter
B. KRANTHI KUMAR Head, 3D Stereoscopic Animation, Worked in Mougli 3D, Little Prince 3D, Iron Man, Donkey Ollie, Alpha & Omega 3D
JAGAN MOHAN R Senior FX Artist of Tinker Bell (DVD Movie) & ZOKOMON (Hindi Movie)
ANITHA Program Manager in Gemini Television
RIBU VAGURIS Producer for Television Programs
SANATH CEO of FireFly Creative Studio
SAGAR Founder of Leon game
ALTAF HUSSAIN Practicing theatre as an actor, director, stage manager and instructor
NARAYANASWAMY Automobile Photographer
V. SRINIVASA RAGHAVAN Glass Sculptor - DakshinChitra
SENTHIL MURUGAN Technical Lead at Wipro Technologies
SHARAT CHANDRA AITHAL Game Developer, worked on SmackDownVs Raw 2009 (PSP), Metro 2033 (PC), Darksiders (PC), Marvel Superhero Squad (X360), Homefront (Ps3)
SUJATHA NAGARAJAN Game Programmer at Graxal Games, worked on Divekick (2013, PS3, PS Vita, Steam)
SOMASUNDARA PANDIAN.V 3D Programmer & Researcher at Bumo3dr
CHELLADURAI N Gameplay Programmer at Friends Learn
ELAM PARITHI ARUL Mobile Developer at CompuSystems
GIRJESH PRAKASH Professional Photographer
ISHKARAN SINGH Game Programmer, Ubisoft
PRATEEK SINGHI Fine arts Photographer
GANESH Product Photographer
CHARANYEDALA Lead Dynamic Artist
SHIVA RAMAN Technical Director, Lighting Dept -Technicolor India
MURALI KAMATH Freelance Cinematographer
VASU DIXIT Storyboard Artist
GIRISH J Cinematographer (Professional Camera Artist for Indian Cricket team)
NARSIMHA Freelance Sculptor
SUDHIRTELI Senior Animator, Blue Grass Studios
SURESH Illustrator / Painter, Creative Consultant
ARCHANA KRISHNAMURTHY Head Outreach, Technicolor
NEELANCHALA Mobile Game Developer, Hungama.Com
VRUSHKETAN Game Designer, Digital Chocolate
SHAMSHAD KHAN Freelance Photographer
Prof. JS. MURALIDHAR Textile Technology Expert
NEERJA M Creative Director McCann Erickson
SARATH MADHAVAN Technical Director of Weta Digital
ARUN SRIPADAM Award winning Animator, C.MENT Animation Sutdio
KISHENGOUD MA History of Art, MFA Painting - Lecturer at JNTU University
C.G. SRIGUHA Sr. professional in the field of Advertising, Film & Television Production
NARAYANSWAMY Entrepreneur, Dubai
Ar. SAMPREETHI Classical Dancer & Actor
ROHIT BANKA Typography Specialist
PRAKASH Lead Dynamic Artist, Dreamworks
ILAMPARITHIRAJU Senior Game Artist at RAL Soft
RAJKUMAR Electronic Arts
RUPESH Graphics Programmer
DEEPAK Mayans Studio
MB SURESHKUMAR Artist, Illustrator, Corporate Trainer
FIDILES Miniature & Set Specialist
Mrs. SUNANIA SOOD Eminent Artist & Designer
SAURABH CHATTERJEE Travel Photographer
NEERAJ KUMAR Game Programmer
J. PREM SHANKAR Photographer
SRIKANTH JNSV Unity Game Programmer