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Course Administration

All the courses offered at ICAT are promoted and managed under the guidance of a Chief Executive Officer.

College Academic Committee

The College Academic Committee, chaired by the Academic Head, deals with all academic matters affecting the courses in the College.

Academic Head

The Academic Head has overall responsibility to provide resources, staffing and academic leadership for all courses in the College. The Academic Head is the overall manager of all the branches and has overall responsibility for the quality and academic standards of the programmes delivered in all branches. The Academic Head also heads the CMC.

Course Monitoring Committee (CMC)

Members of the Course monitoring committee plan the new curriculum and improvement in existing curriculum. CMC also ensures that the curriculum is delivered as per plan and verifies the grades and the grading system of all branches of ICAT.

Regional/ Deputy Academic Head (RAH/DAH)

The Regional/Deputy Academic Head is responsible for maintaining an overview of the delivery and administration of the programme of study in a particular branch. The Regional/Deputy Academic Head is assisted by other members of the Programme Team.

Award Leaders (AL)

Every programme is delivered by a department. Each department is responsible for the quality of delivery of an award and to ensure that students’ work standard meets the set benchmark. An Award Leader is in charge of a department across all campuses, working in collaboration with respective Department Coordinators. An Award Leader is also responsible for delivering a programme under the overall direction of Academic Head, in consultation with RAH/DAH for the effective management of the programme in their subject area. Award Leaders are the members of CMC as well.

Department Coordinators

The Department Coordinators are responsible for coordinating with the academic team and ensuring quality delivery of a programme in campus, as per the set benchmark. They work in consultation with the Award Leader, under the overall direction of the RAH/DAH for the effective management of the programme in their subject area.

Module Leaders

Module Leaders are responsible for the delivery and administration of individual modules. The Module Leader will lead the teaching on the module, and help in providing academic support on the module and are primarily responsible for tracking student progress.

Personal Tutors

Students of a batch are allocated a personal tutor during induction, whose role is pastoral. It will normally be the personal tutor who will guide a student through the Personal Development Planning process.


A student will be allocated a supervisor for their studies to provide support for their project and dissertation. Records will be kept of all formal meetings, including the dates on which they take place, actions agreed, and deadlines established etc. If the student anticipates problems which might result in late submission, they should bring this to their supervisors attention, in writing, as soon as possible.

Superintendent of Examinations

Superintendent of Examinations is a separate entity who understands changes and policy recommended by CMC and approved by Academic Committee/ University. Superintendent of Examinations verifies student intake qualification, register in university scheme involving RAH. Organise and schedule exams/ assessments and internal/ external verification. Collects grades from RAH, compile as per University requirement and sends it to the university. He is the only authority to publish, issue marks and certificates respectively across all branches.

Student Advisor Student Service

The Student Advisor performs a combination of student advising and liaison duties. Student Advisor provides students with guidance and advice about finance, about study skills about personal problems and many other matters. A central resource, the Student Service Desk or the Student Advisor can direct students to the services and guidance that they need. Student Service with the help of students committee members organizes events, club activities & other get together in the college in consultation with RAH. Student Service desk is the sole contact point for the parents/guardians. They also support in placement activities and department events like tours, symposium. Student Advisor collects informal feedback from the students and ensures that the corrective measurement has been taken for the same. They also organize liaison meeting between staff & students.


The Librarian is in charge of the college Library. He takes care of the college Library, arranges to procure new books in consultation with RAH/DAH. He also guides students in accessing Library affectively. The College has institutional membership with the leading information centres for example - The British Council Library, in the respective locations which the students can avail to get the maximum benefit from the learning resource.

Administrative Staffs

Administrative staffs are concerned with maintaining the College resources in collaboration with RAH/DAH and accounting functions. The administrative staff will be able to help students with information regarding payment of fees and other financial requirements.